Welcome to the WWE Universe! Step into the ring alongside your favorite WWE superstars, ranging from RAW all the way to Hall of Fame superstars! Train them to their full potential, and then unleash your signature moves in the ring! Your opponents will never know what hit them, and our WWE Universe cheats and tips will show you how to win all your fights!

WWE Universe is all about being prepared and having the training done, but timing and reflexes are also important. Let’s get started with our WWE Universe cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to win all fights!

Use light attacks to build up your super meter!

Light attacks may do very little damage, but that is not the point of them – they are used to build up your super meter slowly but surely! Always keep in mind that light attacks can NEVER be countered, so they will always hit. If the match up is not in your favor, you may be better off just doing nothing but light attacks and relying on your finishers and signature moves for damage.

Play through the story mode!

If you really want to dominate the ring, you will need to play through the story mode. Certain story mode chapters have the chance to reward you with superstar fragments, which are required if you want to permanently upgrade them and increase their rarity. This is one of the best ways of powering them up, so try to get through the story mode when you are challenging others!

Know your styles!

See those colored symbols next to each superstar? That is their style, and these work like a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Certain styles are better than others, so knowing these matchups can help you take down opponents that are giving you a hard time.

Powerhouse superstars beat Charismatic superstars, and they beat Cunning superstars. Cunning superstars beat High Flyer superstars, who beat Specialist superstars. Finally, Specialists beat out Powerhouse superstars.

Your attacks will do more damage and they will be easier to land if you have the advantage, so consider using a superstar of the correct type!

Take your time when landing attacks!

While it is never set in stone, the closer you are to stopping the needle in the center, the better your chances of countering or landing the attack. Landing it dead center will get you a “Perfect” and your attack has a 100% chance of landing, or you countering one. Landing near the center will get you “Great,” which has a very high chance of success. Landing near the yellow zone will get you a “Good,” which has a moderate chance of success.

Anything below that will almost always fail, so get used to the speed of the needle! It changes depending on who is launching or countering the attack, so study it well. Do not rush – you can take as much time as you need, so wait for the right moment!

Join a club!

Clubs are cool little groups where you get to help out other players, and in turn you get neat rewards! When you join a club for the very first time, you will be gifted a free superstar. We got Shawn Michaels, but it may be different for every player. Try joining a club to see who you get!

That’s all for WWE Universe! If you have any other tips or tricks to conquer the ring, let us know in the comments below!

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