WWE superstars come together in the most action-packed tapper game we’ve ever played! WWE Tap Mania is an idling/clicker game that puts you in the heart of the ring, and with our WWE Tap Mania cheats and tips you’ll conquer it! Assemble your own team of WWE superstars and take on the WWE’s greatest superstars and legends. It’s time to unleash the mania!

WWE Tap Mania is a fun and frantic clicker game with lots of different superstars to choose from. There’s no end to the fun here so let’s get started with ourĀ WWE Tap Mania cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Activate the cash boost!

Tapping the “FREE” button at the top left corner of the screen brings you to the Jeritron 6500! Watching a short advertisement will activate a 2-hour cash boost thatĀ triples the amount of cash you get from defeating your opponents. While we’re normally against ads, this opportunity is just too good to pass up. The triple cash is awesome alone, but the fact that you it lasts for two hours just sweetens the deal. You should always have the cash boost active.

Charge up your Signature Moves!

Before you challenge the Main Event, be sure that all of your superstars’ Signature Moves are fully charged. The best way to take down a main event wrestler – because you only have 30 seconds to do so – is to immediately unleash all of your charged signature moves and dish out a ton of burst damage. Don’t forget to keep tapping to add some regular attacks into the mix! Once you have a full set of superstar cards, you can do some crazy damage with this strategy.

Upgrade your Perks!

Each superstar has Perks that grant them passive bonuses to their performance. To improve Perks you’ll need the appropriately named Perk Points. These can be collected over time for free, but make sure you collect them often. Your Perk Point Collector caps out at 25 points, so empty it out every now and then. Perks improve your superstars in small but important ways, so it’s good to keep them upgraded.

Multi-tap for big damage!

Tapping to throw furious punches at your opponents is a great way to whittle down their health, but it’s even better if you tap like crazy! If you use two fingers to tap (alternate between fingers to tap fast), you can do lots of damage within a short time. It’s the best way to rapid tap for us, so try it out!

Complete challenges!

Challenges are the only way to gain gold, the premium currency of the game. This means that it’s going to be a little tricky getting rare superstars, but you should still do as many of these challenges as you can. Not only can you get gold, but challenges also offer shards as rewards. To increase the rarity of a superstar, you’ll need a certain amount of shards for them. Challenges are a great way to get more shards, so hop to it!

Get new skills!

As you level up your superstars, you can see what they’ll unlock on their next level in their EXP gauges. If it’s blue, that means they’ll get a DPS increase on the next level. If it’s purple, that means they’re going to get a new skill! You should be upgrading all of your superstars evenly anyways, but if you see that someone is about to get a new skill, be sure to prioritize that!

That’s all for WWE Tap Mania. If you’ve got any other brawlin’ or tappin’ tips, let us know in the comments below!




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