WWE: Champions puts you in the legendary ring, but things are a little… “different” this time. That’s right – you’ll be matching gems in a match-3 twist! Recruit and train your favorite superstars from the WWE legacy and fight in the ring using puzzle RPG tactics! WWE: Champions is fun and an inventive spin on the WWE universe. We’ve got a couple tips for you in our WWE: Champions cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

In the guide we’ll go over the superstar class system, how to play through a typical match, and general tips on the currency. Let’s get started with our WWE: Champions tips and tricks guide.


1. Always look out for 4 gems!

Unlike other match-3 puzzle games, matching four gems here in WWE: Champions is incredibly helpful! Automatically matching the entire row will always deal pretty good damage to your opponent, so always be on the lookout for a possible match-4. Try to setup combos and chains so that you can take advantage of them.

2. Try to charge your finisher first!

Sometimes, no matter how well you’re planning ahead and matching, you just won’t get enough gems in the right places to pin your opponent. In these cases you should use your Finisher move, which automatically pins them. At the beginning of a match, it’s usually best to try to charge your finisher first and foremost.

In the event your opponent gets really close to being pinned but just barely escapes, you’ll be thankful you have a finisher ready to go!

3. Use the right class!

Having trouble with a specific superstar? Make sure you’re playing to your wrestlers strengths! Each superstar has a class that is both powerful and weak against other classes.

Tricksters: Good against Technicians. They have moves that focus on altering the gems around.
Technicians: Good against Powerhouses. Have access to Submission moves, which function just like Finishers.
Powerhouse: Good against Acrobats. Their moves deal tons of damage!
Acrobat: Good against Showboats.
Showboat: Good against Strikers. They have high health and can heal themselves with certain moves!
Strikers: Good against Tricksters.

Hitting a superstar with an advantageous class will make all of your attack do 25% more damage! This can easily turn the tide of a match for you so it’s always important to pick your superstar based on your opponent. Additionally, matching the colored gems that are the same as your class color will deal more damage.

4. Don’t worry about the loot boxes!

During a match, you’ll see random loot boxes scattered across the board. Matching three of these will increase your loot box counter by one. If you have the extra moves to spare it’s fine to go for them, otherwise you should just ignore them. Usually the three lootboxes that you can get from this just contain small rewards, like coins.

The problem? You have to go out of your way to get these, and when you do match them, your superstar hits for little to no damage. You’re essentially giving up a turn in order to get lootboxes, but it will all be for nothing if you can’t even win the match! We recommend for your first time through a level to just ignore them and focus on taking down your opponent.

5. Keep your team upgraded!

Since you’re going to up against all sorts of superstars, you’ll need a diverse team to take them all down. Study the superstar classes that we mentioned above, and make sure you have at least one of every class. Be sure to upgrade their moves and level them up and you’ll be ready for anything!

6. Clear the missions!

The missions are the best way to earn cash, the premium currency of the game. You’ll need a LOT of cash before you can pull for the ultra rare superstars, so you better start getting to work! After you clear five of them, you’ll be able to open the mission bag. The mission bag has a lot of goodies to help you with your matches, so open as many of them as you can.

That’s all for WWE: Champions. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. I have never seen such a money grab only game. The vs mode almost seems rigged as the way opponents get gems broken. Plus even if you spend money in the game it’s not guaranteed that you will open the super star of your own choice. I have spent 30$ and all I get was training posters for the stars that are already maxed out. The tokens that are required to upgrade the superstars are so expensive that even after spending a 100k you would still be looking for tokens to upgrade. A total ripoff.

  2. 6 month ive had the game im 42k roster talent ive only jus got paul orndorf as i only found out how to get 30 days ago and now im at 34 on my roster its tough but jus keep goin you will get there ive only spent 9.49 on the contract for orndorf

  3. To all newbies to wwe champions….. join a faction they will help you but find one where the prezident of the faction dont treat you like s***


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