I’ve had some great parties and tournaments playing Worms with my friends when I was younger and there will always be fond memories related to the game (my first perfect sheep, my first perfect shot with the bazooka, the first time I penetrated another worm’s mouth with my blowgun…)

Kids today can get their fair share of firsts – and adults re-experience those great moments – as Team 17 announced that they’re planning to release Worms 3 exclusively for mobile devices!

Taking things to a whole new level, Worms 3 will bring worm classes, strategic playing cards and all new weapons while still staying true to the classic formula that made this game so absolutely amazing.

Among the promised features, we have asynchronous multiplayer, 27 single player missions, achievements, better controls and even support for high screen resolution on an Apple TV. It’s time to put the booze in the freezer because there will be some fun nights coming soon.

How soon? We don’t really know that, but Team 17 promised that Worms 3 will hit our iPads and iPhones during the third quarter of this year. Pricing details are still unknown.


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