WorldBox Best Mods List and Guide

How to Build a City in Worldbox

In Worldbox you are supposed to create new cities, set up connections between them, and make everything to keep your world alive. But this might become boring fast. In this case, you can install mods and play using them. So, what mods to download? Read the guide, and you will find out. 

WorldBox Mods Guide

There is a considerable number of Worldbox mods on the internet. However, most of them do not worth your PC storage. Therefore, you might need advice on what mod to download. So here is the list of best modes in WorldBox.

FamilyvTree Mod

FamilyvTree mode allows you to create families by picking the family leader. Also, you will be able to change the civilian profession to warrior. Even this makes WorldBox way more interesting for the casual player. To download this mode, follow the link.

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War Box

War Box adds two additional naval combat systems into the game. If you use this mod properly, WorldBox will become your favorite game. If not, you will create chaos in the world so that you will not be able to play the game anymore. To download War Box, follow the link.

Jungle Box

This mod will teleport you into the past, which is pretty interesting. The jungle box does not change the graphic but makes it wilder. Also, this mod is regularly updated. Therefore, Jungle Box will always fit the game version. To download it, follow the link.

Power Box

Power box brings to the game four new units and adds over 20 different powers to the game. Also, this mod adds the possibility to edit or remove traits, which simplifies your game as well. To download Power Box, follow the link.

So, that is all with mods in WorldBox. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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WorldBox Best Mods List and Guide


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