World Quiz Is a Huge Compendium of Anagrams for Switch and PS4

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Chances are, you know more about Hogwarts than you do about Windsor Castle, and you’re probably more familiar with the rules of Quidditch than you are with the rules of cricket.

We’re pretty good at learning about our favorite fictional places, people, and pastimes, but not so hot when it comes to knowing about the real world. 

That’s what makes World Quiz such a hot prospect. Not only is it lots of fun, but it’s educational too. As you work your way through its hundreds of stages you’ll expand your general knowledge and tighten up your spelling into the bargain. 

The setup couldn’t be simpler. Each stage presents you with a picture, a clue, a selection of letters, and exactly the right number of blank spaces to spell out the word you need to get. 

The aim is to work out the answer to the clue and then slide the letters that make up that word into the blank spaces in the right order. Get it right and you’ll earn light bulbs to spend on clues. 

These clues come in different types and cost different amounts. You can spend two bulbs on filling in one correct letter, or ten on filling in an entire word. Five bulbs, meanwhile, let you remove incorrect letters and lock the correct ones in place. 

At this point you might be smugly thinking to yourself that you’ll never need to use any bulbs. It’s just anagrams, after all. 

That’s true, but World Quiz manages to crank up the difficulty in multiple ways. For one thing, it contains more than 5,000 clues, spread across 24 different categories such as Food and Drink, Cities, and Natural Beauties. The chances of you knowing all the answers are miniscule. 

The game also turns up the heat by chucking in extra letters at the higher difficulty levels, so that you can’t rely on your anagram-solving prowess alone. Getting through every stage will take you a lifetime.

So you’d better get started. World Quiz is available now on PS4 and Switch, find it here.

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World Quiz Is a Huge Compendium of Anagrams for Switch and PS4


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