Wargaming’s naval action game gets the mobile treatment with World of Warships Blitz! In this mobile adaptation, you’ll take to the seas with a variety of battleships that come from all around the world, including USA, Japan, Russian, Britain, and more! Take to the seas with the help of our World of Warships Blitz cheats and tips!

There’s a lot of competition to blast out of the seas in this game, and with lots of ships to choose from, tactics and strategy are key. So let’s get started with our World of Warships Blitz cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use all of your cannons for stronger attacks!

You can fire at enemy ships as soon as you’re locked on and you’ll hit them most of time, assuming that your aim is close. However, if all of the gun lights below your crosshairs aren’t lit up, that means you’re not using your full power. Each ship has different guns, and they can only fire within proper range.

Most ships have long range guns and short range guns. If you get really close to enemy ships, you’ll be able to use all of your guns for a full on volley that will do serious damage. Just be aware of the risks – you’re open to the same kind of attacks as well!

Try out all the different classes!

All ships are categorized into one of the four ship classes. Each class excels at something special, so let’s go over them real quick.

The first class is the Cruiser, the most basic ship. These ships are the all-around ships that don’t have any specific weaknesses nor strengths. You can bring these into battle and you’ll usually stand a fighting chance.

The second class is the Destroyer. As the name implies, these ships are designed for big damage with their torpedoes. While they have excellent maneuverability and concealment, these ships tend to be rather fragile and have low survivability. It’s best to go in for quick “bombing runs” and then pull out before it gets too hot.

The third class are the massive Battleships. Battleships are basically the tanks of the sea sporting low maneuverability but incredibly high durability. These babies are also packing lots of guns, so they bring in the heavy firepower. If you liking charging head first into battle and staying in the thick of things, battleships are for you.

The final class are the Aircraft Carriers. These ships have the special ability to launch fighters into the air to take out enemy ships from a safe distance. These ships help their teammates with long-range support, but be careful not to let enemies get too close to you as they usually have very low survivability and maneuverability. If you get caught out, you’re pretty much toast!

As you can see, each ship class can help out the teammate in one way or another. Find your favorite, hone your playstyle, and conquer the seas!

Upgrade a ship!

Worried about spending too much silver on lower tier ship? Have no fear – you can always sell back ships! That’s right – you can go ahead and power up your current ship without worrying about silver.

Ships can be sold back for a portion of the buying price, but they’re also worth more depending on how many upgrades you poured into them. Thus, it’s best to upgrade the ship you’re currently using as much as possible.

Invest in Equipment!

While Supplies, Consumables, and Boosters only last for a single battle, Equipment is permanent so as long as you don’t replace it. Each ship has three equipment slots, and you can choose from a list for each slot.

However, you can only put one unique equipment in a slot, so you’ll need to choose carefully. If you want to swap parts, you can sell your old one for half the buying price.

That’s all for World of Warships Blitz! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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