World of Tanks Blitz, the free to play entry of the series now available for download on the App Store, has received today a brand new update which includes some new tanks and more.

The five new tanks are British tanks carrying some heavy firepower like the Conqueror, the Black Punk, the FV215b and the Churchill.


The new update also includes a new map, the Blitz-exclusive stage Castilla. This map is a rather interesting one, with plenty of cover and hills that will allow players to play more strategically. The 1.6 World of Tanks Blitz update also includes two more vehicles that can be purchased with gold, the Matilda BP and AT15A.

World of Tanks Blitz has been released last year on the App Store and has been universally praised thanks to its engaging gameplay experience which makes it one of the best multiplayer games currently available on iOS devices.

World of Tanks Blitz is now available for download for free on the App Store. If you’re just starting playing the game, you may want to check out out World of Tanks Blitz Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to learn some useful tips that will make your time with the game more enjoyable.




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