World Of Tanks Blitz

World Of Tanks Blitz, the popular mobile entry of the series, has received a few hours ago a brand new update which introduced plenty of new features as well as new tweaks which improve the experience considerably.

The new 2.5 update introduces the new Camouflage feature, which allows players to use 40 different camouflage patters. Also added by the new update are the new Supply functionality, a set of unique discounts only available to Clan members, and a variety of other tweaks.


Mobile tankers can conceal their vehicle camouflage, reap the benefits of the Supply feature for Clans, and take on new missions in Update 2.5!

Don 40 different camouflage patterns. Stay stealthy by installing camo for different vehicles and map types to make the most of their concealment bonuses!

Explore new Clan functionality: Supply. This is a set of unique discounts on equipment, consumables, and vehicles, as well as bonuses and special offers only available to Clan members. Join battles and make your contribution towards unlocking new Supply levels, and receiving new bonuses and special offers.

Check out new missions inspired by Japan: “Onslaught: Japan”, “Military Academy: Japan”, “Domination: Japan”, and “Challenge: Japan”.

• Tweaked combat characteristics for the Matilda IV, Churchill Gun Carrier, SU-152 , and more
• Introduced mechanics for setting the team balancing range depending on the online rate of the cluster
• Changed description and value of the Camouflage Net bonus

World of Tanks Blitz is now available in all regions on the App Store. The new update is also available for download right now.



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