World Flipper

World Flipper shows us what happens when the classic game of pinball meets an action-packed RPG. Players get to explore the fantasy worlds, team up with friends, and fight foes using unique and exciting characters. Each World Flipper character has their own story and is classified by their own element: fire, thunder, dark, light, wind, and water. The rarities of each character range from 1 star to 5 stars, with the rarest (5*) usually being the most powerful. Find out below which are the best characters available to play in World Flipper right now.

World Flipper Best Character Tier List

S Tier

Celtieceltie silty world flipper5 StarWarriorWind
RazeltRazelt lazelt world flipper5 StarWarriorLight
VyronVeyron Veron world Flipper5 StarSwordDark

A Tier

Clarisseclarisse world flipper5 StarSpecialFire
PhiriaPhiria World Flipper5 StarSupportWind
SoniaSonia World Flipper5 StarSwordWater

B Tier

BercitiaWorld flipper Bercetia5 StarArcherDark
Cagliostroworld flipper Cagliostro5 StarSupportThunder
Marinaworld flipper marina5 StarSwordFire

C Tier

Inahoworld flipper inaho5 StarSpecialThunder
Nephtimworld flipper Nephtim5 StarSpecialLight
Leonworld flipper Leon5 StarSwordWind

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Those are our choices for the best 5-star characters available to play in World Flipper. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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