There’s a brand new restaurant in town thanks to the newly released iOS game World Chef. A beautifully designed, challenging and rewarding experience, World Chef gets all the yum you can think of and offers it to you for free. But we’re not here to praise the game – even though it deserves all praise – we’re here to talk strategy in our World Chef cheats and tips article – one that will hopefully help you get the most out of this game and help you create the best restaurant in town.

So if you want to know everything about optimizing your dishes and getting the most out of the game as fast as possible, read on to find out our World Chef tips and strategy guide!

1. Always be cooking
Things start out pretty easy with just a few possible dishes to cook, but they will slowly (but surely) start to get out of hand due to the sheer number of available dishes. This means that you should always be cooking something and you should optimize the cooking process as much as possible: start cooking the quick dishes (like the basic bread on burgers) as soon as you log in to the game and collect a few series of those before moving to the more complex dishes that require more time. Always leave the dishes that take the longest time to cook while you’re out of the game. This way, you optimize cooking and get the most out of your play time.

2. Always stock on ingredients
Even if you don’t really need them immediately, it’s best to have your stocks of ingredients as high as possible (but watch your inventory too). My recommendation would be to have at least 3 of each just waiting in case you need them.

3. Don’t be afraid to use the market!
Prices might seem a bit high in the market – and they usually are – but it doesn’t hurt to check the products on offer and purchase the more complex ones whenever they’re needed. The thing is that you can’t send your customers away and if you have a really bad order, you might have to go to the market in order to get rid of them faster. The good news is that they won’t leave or get upset either, so if you just want to prepare the food yourself, you can take your time.

Also, don’t hesitate to try and sell any excess food on the Market – or work on preparing the most difficult to make dishes and sell those on the market for a fair price. This way you can make some extra money and keep your inventory space in control.

4. Upgrade your storage
You get different items that can be used to increase your ingredient storage space, as well as the dish storage space as you play the game: cook foods and serve your customers in order to get them (they drop randomly and rarely). I personally believe that you should upgrade the Dish Storage first if there will ever be common item requirements, but whenever you meet the requirements for an upgrade – go for it.

5. Plan your moves
Early on, chaotically preparing dishes is a good recipe for success as you will easily have the dishes required by your customers. But later on you really have to plan ahead – and work on getting all the ingredients for the more complex dishes, because that’s what’s going to make you a lot of money and that’s what your customers will want. Create a steady supply of basic ingredients and dishes and always work on preparing the more difficult ones. Also, use the diamonds that you win from completing achievements to buy extra cooking slots at your main stations – the Grill would be my first choice since the guy there really seems to be unable to keep up the pace requirements-wise.

6. Take your time!
World Chef is not a game that you will “beat” soon, so take your time. Plan your moves, follow our tips and tricks and keep on playing – eventually (and slowly) you will upgrade your restaurant into a world class one. Just make sure you enjoy the ride!

These would be for now our World Chef tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share or questions to ask, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


  1. Useless tips, even incorrect.
    Tip #3 says you cant send customers away. Yes you can. The game allows you to turn the customer away, but you have to wait 10 minutes before the next customer can be seated.
    But if you’re smart enough, you can simply remove the tables with the customers. Then go to the store and place the tables down again. Then a new set of customers and orders will come to the table. You can simply keep doing this until you get the dishes you want to serve them. Easy

  2. I noticed the world chefs restaurant doesn’t have the two door directly to the left like everyone else’s. How do you get rid of the servers doors there? I am curious?

    • This is my issue. I bough an extention, put down floor but i cant seem to hit the right spot for the last three floors. Also i cant remove the extra wall i out down. This is kinda ruining the game.

      • I had this problem too. All you have to do is hold down on the tile next to it until the floor option appears. Pick the one you want and while holding down sweep across the area. You can do this when you open new areas too (it starts off as the darker grass) instead of clicking tile by tile, then you won’t get leftover grassy areas that you can’t click on.

      • This happened to me… And it was so annoying, the fix is much easier than you’d think. I found out when I was putting down new carpet. All you have to do is hold down on 1 single tile till the carpet paintbrush shows and drag your finger across the screen, and it covers all tiles in one go. Same applies to making ground either floor space or outdoor space.

        Hold down on a tile easily available, select floor space, hold your finger to the tile you selected, then drag your finger around to areas you also want to make floor space.

    • This happened to me as well. To fix it, simply click on a different section of flooring, click the Italian tiles, or whatever you want, and drag it. This will create a paintbrush that you can use to paint over the flooring that you can’t otherwise click on.

  3. The social market is a joke. I have products for sale for nearly a week! There should be a way to promote your items like on Sims, especially since one of the goals to move into the next rank is to sell $x at the market.

  4. I have the same issue about the walls and i’ve found the way for u all. just click and hold on the floor, choose the floor style and withour release your click, go over all the floor you want to.

  5. I removed a certain item (the drinks/cocktail item you get from the start) from my restaurant and it said i can find it back in the store for free. BUT ITS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND?

    • Go click on the cash register in the bottom right hand corner of the screen then select decorations then select the modern option and scroll along it is near the end x

    • Hold down on the item and a black safe will appear. Click the safe and the item will be removed to your cash register. You cannot actually sell it for gold once it’s purchased.

      • No it’s not, because I don’t have Facebook either. The easiest way is to…
        Go to the social market, click on someone’s restaurant and next to their name on the left side, there is a button that looks like a person with a star (*), click on that and you have made a friend. To view your friends, go down to the bottom left hand corner, click on the button that looks like three people together,() then swipe if you have more friends, otherwise there you go. (Click on your friend to view their restaurant and help them if needed.

    • You can only help someone who needs help. We
      Hen they’ve helped you their picture icon will appear where your help sign was, and if you click on their picture icon it will give you the option of going to their restaurant to help them. Say yes and visit their restaurant, but if they didn’t request help in their chill out or vineyard there’s nothing for you to do.

    • Hold down on him and the safe will appear, just like when you delete decorations. But the people will still require things from that chef even if he’s not currently in your restaurant, once you’ve achieved the level to own him. And the grill chef is pretty important for making ingredients other chefs need for their dishes.

  6. I don’t have facebook so is there another way to add friends? It’s a requirement to go to the next level. Is there another way to add friends or am I just stuck? If there’s no other may then I’ll just delete the game. I hate to do that tho because I really like this game. Please help.

  7. Who is the random chef (looks like a skinny italian helper chef) making pasta in the level 50 example? I have also seen it in other people’s restaurant but he is not listed in the available chefs to unlock

    • Hey Nanda,
      The skinny Italian chef you are referring to is one of the old chefs that used to exist, but they’ve gotten rid of him. He used to make pasta only and the bigger Italian chef used to make pizza only, but they’ve condensed the dishes together into one chef. There used to be an extra Oriental chef too, on the chubby side, you might also see him in other people’s restaurants.

  8. I am filling orders but because they don’t have a star next to them they aren’t being filled . How do I get stars next to them I have a few but not sure how I got them . This is probably something easy to do but I’m lost lol . Thank you in advance for any help

    • A star means that you’ve upgraded the dish in the academy area, which can be done by receiving ingredients through those colour box things. It’s dumb but if you don’t have an upgraded meal and someone asks for it, you can’t serve them something that doesn’t have as many stars. I just send them away.

  9. You get the star dishes but going to the house beside where u buy ur Ingredients. Usually wen the truck comes to deliver the yellow package there’s usually special ingredients like flour, lettuce, egg, etc. So whatever special ingredients u recieve in that package will be kept in the house beside where u get your ingredients. When u have the proper amount of special ingredients the house will have an exclamation mark on top of it basically saying u can claim a special dish now. Make sense??? Also does someone know how to plan a proper event in the chill out area!? Just got it n I have no idea how use it

    • There’s an 8 hour wait time before each event starts, and it shows you which 3 you can select (ie. 4, I or 16 hour ones). You start off on easy for each one and then as you “complete” each time slot, you’ll progress to medium and then hard. I’d recommend using that 8 hour break time to select and prepare what you need to complete and keep in mind the chefs and ingredients needed too.

    • Click on the wall and the paint options will appear, but at the top of the paint options you’ll see a hammer. Click on the hammer and drag it over all unwanted walls. When I do that it always gets a little crazy, so then I have to click on the skinny post below the hammer and use the arrows to rebuild the walls I did want. Any decorations on a wall you delete will be waiting back in the decorations tab of the cash register.

  10. Hi! I have an issue the vintage gas tank is stuck in a corner I can’t drag it every time it hits either the floor or the walls… It’s driving me crazy please help! Thx

  11. Does anyone know how you remove the servants doors?! It’s really bugging me as I see other people without there’s.. Please help?! Also can you sell furniture?? Thank-you(:

    • First of all, you cannot remove those doors. Idk why they show it that way, but I was once playing Wirld Chef with a friend (right next to each other). She visited my restaurant and their were no door. Therefore, I hadn’t taken them off. Same when I visited hers. Second off all, to sell furniture, it’s the same as decoration. That is, you press it, and a little price tag will appear at the bottom. Press that and you automatically get your ca$h.

    • You can’t actually sell them back once they’ve been purchased, but you can delete them by holding down on them and clicking on the little safe that appears. It will dump the guests from the table and give you new guests when you replace it, so it’s a way to get a new order without waiting for the 10 minute penalty. The tables will be waiting where you originally purchased them for you to replace them for free if you want to later.

  12. Please can someone tell me how I can buy more than one of a chef. A friend of mine has 2 of 3 different chefs but when I go to the cash register on chefs it won’t let me go back to previous chefs, just the next one available

    • Try scrolling all the way to the very end of the line of unpurchased chefs. On mine the next level chef is first followed by all future chefs I don’t have in the order of the level I will need to achieve to buy them, and then at the very end after the German beer lady my current chefs are listed in the order I earned them. I haven’t deleted any so they just sit there with their little info button for me to read the cute little bios, but I’d assume if you deleted one the option to restore him would be there too, like in the decorations tab when it says 1 available if you’ve deleted something previously purchased.

    • In mine it’s located in the little truck symbol on the right-middle of the screen. Every six hours or so the truck arrives with a free gold box, and the boxes I win have been there too. You click on the truck to make him drive up, and he drops his delivery just south of the restaurant on the street kind of by the helicopter port. You click on each box to open it.

    • Oh wait, I just reread your question. You don’t win delivery boxes for helping other people’s parties, only for completing an entire party, which you only do for yourself. When you help in someone’s chill out area you win the gold and blue stars that the dish you helped was worth, and those immediately fly up to your tally on your personal restaurant page.

  13. I have been hosting as many medium and hard chill out events as I can to try to win avocado supplement to turn my sushi roll and nachos into star items, but I have NEVER gotten avocado even once! My tables have been slowly filling up with requests for those items over the last few weeks, and now 8/11 tables are requesting them!! I have TONS of supplements, but that one I need is never in the box. Does anyone know if there’s a way to directly buy the one you need? I don’t want to gambler diamonds away on more box chances, since I’ve been winning those nonstop in the chill out area, but that seems like the only option I can find! I don’t want to dump the guests from the tables but I’m about to have to do that…three working tables is getting annoying.

    Also, is there a way to save other people’s restaurants so you can have time to help their chill out help requests? I’ve gotten lucky with stored ingredients a few times but now I’m only one help away from leveling up and the requests are all things I don’t have, but could with only a few more dishes. But if I take the time to make them the market changes and I cannot find that player’s restaurant again. Is there a way to explore restaurants other than the market or save ones you’ve visited? None of my Facebook friends play so I have no saved friends to visit.

  14. If anyone needs a world chef friend you can add me on Facebook name is Jesse Polhemus/go kart picture as profile pic. Just send a message referring to world chef and I’ll add ya.

  15. Hey, I can’t see all my dishes. I have a swirly circle instead of a picture of the dish. So I can’t see what people are requesting. I re-installed it, tried with and without wifi, only now I’m far ahead. I don’t want to try to re-install again. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

  16. I can’t seem to do anything after building an expansion for my first restaurant. After I am finished with the tiles, the finger keeps telling me to hold down at the server in front of the storage and I can’t seem to do anything after that. It’s like the game freezes. Can someone please help!?

  17. I cannot find the cool walls like the glass ones or the decorated ones that I see it in some people’s places. Can someone tell me where to find these?

    • The glass walls are not walls. They are big windows and you can find them under the register where you buy the decorations. I believe thet are under the modern theme

  18. Hoe can i buy more helpers i already have. I saw Some people have grill, dough and milk helpers, 2 of each kind en Everyone had 6 slots.
    I guess they had this option earlier, as Well as extra chubby oriental en skinny Italiaan chefs.
    Does Anybody know the answer?

  19. how can i upgrade the coffee or the wine? Some clients in my restaurant will a cup of coffee withe a star or a bottle wine with a star. What can i do?

    • You save up the supplies from local, import and luxury boxes and upgrade when available in the house/school by the market. Earn free boxes every 6 hours or earn them in the chill out area when you reach the right level.

    • If you havent starred up yet on your food item, you can either leave the customers there until you have, I heard you can turn away customers but you have to wait 10 mins until the next one comes in. What I did was hold down on your table, go ahead and put in your safe. Go to your tables in the store and it will show one stored. Go ahead and place it back in your restuarant. You will get new customers with a new order.

  20. I saw customers getting on the World Chef Boat at the pier in another player’s game. Also, sometimes the boat is pointed west and sometimes east. Does the boat go somewhere?

    • You don’t need to remove stars – you can only make star dishes if you have upgraded that dish. If a customer is requesting a 2 star dish and you only have one – kick them out/pick up and replace table or wait until you upgrade the dish

  21. I’m trying to complete a birthday party but they want burgers with no stars and I can’t give them that because mine has a star. I can’t even get help because it’s only giving me an option to click 3 and there’s 5. Help!!!!!£

  22. I accidentally used some diamonds to add a spot for my grill chef…I don’t need that extra spot us there a way to undo this move? I need the diamonds!!

    • Once you’ve collected your plant on grapes twice, you will either have to hoe it, or there will be a little hand icon that you can drag onto the grape field and hopefully someone will press on it and you won’t need your hoe. It’s a good idea to keeps your hoes for emergency cases so that you are less likely to run out of wine.

  23. In the lead chef level one of the tasks is level up to level / Level up the specific Dishes to the specific required levels what does this mean as I have just upgraded 3 of my dishes and gained a extra star for them but the level didn’t go up is it something else? Thanks

  24. Here is a tip. When you get you import boxes make sure you do nothing for 2 minutes and close the game. Reopen and go to deliver the box. Open it. If there is nothing in there you want quickly close the game. Reopen the game and the box can be redelivered with different items. I needed 5 beef to triple star a dish and I did this about 6 times till I got the beef then continued playing.. It has worked every time I have done it.

  25. There is an option to replace your grape tree either using a hoe or a sign (exclamation mark & hand). Whats the sign used for? I’ve tried used it once but the tree doesnt replace immediately. Is there any time length for it to replace?. Thank you

  26. Does anyone else accidentally spend gems on extra cooking slots at the helpers tables? I’m so mad that I keep doing that by accident. there should be a confirm button!

  27. I seriously need help expanding my walls. I buy the plot, and hold down on the grass and nothing happens. The finger that shows you where to lay the flooring is in the middle of my restaurant. I’ve placed my finger all over the plot of land I purchased and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi i am currently lvl 17 got the party area but my acheivement says i need to win or buy crates, i dont want to spend real money to buy so how do i win them, i have completed a party got the crate but it did not go towards the achievement is that because it was an easy crate. Please help.

    • It will specific the type of crate you need to get. You can only get them in parties or spend lots of diamonds to buy them.

      If you need a luxury crate then yes your ‘easy’ crate won’t count towards it

    • You need to do an event in the chill out area that is medium or hard. Those crates will be added towards the achievement, easy crates (yellow ones) do not count

      • Every time I do a party that is hard or medium I receive the box and it never goes towards my achievements!! The only time it does is if I win one from leveling up?! Anyone know why? Is it because I use the help option?

  29. They really need to connect the game where I can download to a different device. Like the said it take alot g time to build a restaurant I don’t want to lose my status just because I had to get a different phone. Do this fast it’s very frustrating. And why does it take 4 hrs to make one dish. The wait time is ridiculous.

  30. I have an achievement I need to complete ‘Agreed to the specified amount of deals with the salesman’ I have no idea what this is?! I’ve tried to sell items and buy items in the socks market and this has not changed…..I need to make 50 deals but no idea how to do 1! Can anyone help?

    • A man in a suit will occasionally walk up to your order board – a coin will appear above his head. Tap the coin and you’ll see what he’s offering to buy from you. Accept the offer to “make a deal.”

  31. When I check the market, some people sometimes have an exclamation question mark bubble saying that they need help. There have been a couple of times I have two the market though and clicked on someone that has one of those bubbles but there is no yellow arrow pointing to the chill out area or the vineyard. What else would they need help with if there is no yellow arrow pointing to the chill out area or the vineyard?

  32. If you would like to add me as a friend on World Chef through Facebook I am under Amanda Summitt and my profile picture is a drawing of a horse

  33. Is there a pattern to the dishes when catering for events the chill out area. I would like to go to bed with the dishes I need 8 hours later, but at the minute I start preparing, and the event changes next morning.


  35. Hi,

    I am on level 28 and the time it takes to make butter and hot sauce has increased from 1hour to 4 hours! Why has this happened? Also the time it takes to make bread, dough and pasta has also increased??


  36. I think it happens in the evenings as it was back to normal again this morning and now it’s back to 4hrs :( also you can buy 6 milk instead of 4 when this happens.

    What is going on?!?!

  37. It went back to normal this morning but now it’s gone up to 6hrs again! Maybe it’s just something that happens every evening? Whenever it happens, I can buy 6 milk and eggs from the market too….so strange!

    The other day I was playing and I decided to break down the walls at my restaurant to build new one’s but when I was looking sth happened to be wrong in the game and now the option to build new walls is missing and now all I can do is either break down more walls or move them to other places thank you for you help

  39. I had put may dish in social market for sell now some one buy my dishes but when I am reached at social market there is no option for sold how I can sold tht dishes

  40. I need friends on Facebook. I am playing on my Android device, so I do not have the game center accessibility. My name is Mid-Atlantic Coupon Clipper. A coupon binder is my profile picture. Thanks!

  41. In my achiement list, to upgrade my Chef ranking. I need to win 10 export crates (blue) the problem is once you have completed the easy, and moderate levels the crates change to purple, so when I complete I don’t get the Recognition in the achiement list.

  42. Hi everyone!

    Amy idea how you level up the specified amount of dishes? I just upgraded to 3 stars on a dish and it did nothing under achievements??

  43. Has anyone else had the problem. I can no longer raise the price of the food I sell on the sellers market. I used to be able to raise or lower the price. Recently I can only lower it the plus button doesn’t Raise the price anymore. It goes back up it I lower it. But if I wanted to put some thing for a higher price I can’t anymore. But it seems others can a guy was selling 5 no star coffees for 150 coin it wouldn’t let me raise mine at all and wanted me to sell 5 for 80 coin it is a huge difference. It used to work but after the update it won’t.

  44. Why aren’t any of my cooking dishes that are under a minute not free anymore ?….. Is this some type of glitch ? Orrr is there something I don’t know about .. Anybody know ?

    • The free button has now been removed. the game creators have said that the times of cooking dishes have been altered instead to allow for the 1 minute loss. I have not checkEd to see if this is the case but it is not a glitch. It is an official change to the game. One which most are not happy about.

  45. Hi I really need help!!
    I have a chef that got a hand and a ! Mark next to there name which means they need help…. When I click on there name it won’t let me help them??…..

    Does anyone know why ? Or know what I am doing wrong please

    • You either have no dishes cooked or not enough quantity of dishes to help donate or you dont have that dish unlocked yet! Hope thay made sense lol

  46. My only problem was i reached a level to unlock a spanish table….didnt get no table at all, now the table tab says i habe to unlock it by reaching level 34 wtf?!!!

  47. Im soooo glad im using android to play world chef because that way i use my gamekiller to get lots of coins and gems hehe….went from level 1 to level 30 now in just a week ;-)

  48. The phone I originally loaded the game on died. I was able to get the app back onto my new phone but when I opened the game it brought me to the beginning. Is there a way to get my progress back?

    • Hi. I have an android phone and for me the game data is saved using google game centre. I have deleted the game before to do a fresh installation because of game glitches. The game starts from scratch. However once I am logged into the game centre…….which is found by clicking on the spanner icon at the top right hand corner of the game screen……..then the game then reloaded and brought back my saved game. If you have same new phone or same type like android then I can’t see any reason why it would not carry over you original game. Make sure though that your new phone is logged into the game centre with the same log in details as your old phone. Also gmail and Google plus….update everything and load game. Worth a shot. Not use to iphone though.

  49. Hi….I hope someone can help me. Since the most recent update there hAve been a few issues which are being taken care of. My friends with I phones are just getting the update now so issues caused by update are being sorted. They could not get anything from my market at all. Now that is OK again. I am on an android phone. My issue is that since the update changed the dish upgrades to a new star system that can go up and up and up I have one dish now that is a little higher than the rest. The fillet mignon has a higher star rating and for some reason no one……and I mean one has been able to buy from me. My friends using different phones all so the same thing. They can either not see it at all or they cannot buy it at all even if I alter the price up or down. My dish now is pointless on the market. I can use for customers at tables but not sell for profit or to help friends. Fillet is a good money maker……..don’t know what to do apart from maybe start from scratch which I don’t think is possible either. Please help. Thank you in advance

  50. I have added facebook friends but they do not appear in my social bar. I have cleared my cache. I have applied “Force Stop”. I have closed and re-opened the game and still none of my friends appear in the social bar. Please advise and help if you can.

    Android user

  51. Hi, thanks for the reply about the food que! I do have another question. When does the VIP events begin? It says it starts at 25 and I am level 27. Yet it just reads that it is coming soon!

  52. The guy in the middle who turns into 2 guys then back into one with the hat and briefcase what does their todays offers mean? I thought it was giving you a chance to buy them dishes for your customers but it just feels up to a green color takes my money and I cant find the dishes in my inventory either idk if im not finishing the steps to recieve it or misunderstanding the concept of the todays offers anyone’s help would be appreciated thank you

  53. What is this helper thing? Just got the Japanese chef and for the first dish it needs broth which is to be collected from helper. And I have no clue who is a helper! Pretty new to this.

  54. I’m confused! In the today’s offer boxes, you know the free one that your allowed to open every 6 hours, when you get those items, where do they go? It says I just got like 10 soups but when I look in my storage it’s not there. Where would it go to??

    • Those food cards that you get isn’t food products, they are recipes that you can use in the cooking academy to upgrade that item that is given to you from the boxes, and upgrading your food will give you popularity points.

  55. I’m at the VIP part now. I sat the teenager VIP down feed her. Now it gives me an arrow to the mansion and it says I have to find her in the mansion. Trying to click the arrow or cross but it does nothing..can’t go nowhere..just looking at a screen with the teenager VIP and a arrow to a little picture of the mansion says I have to find her..nothing!

  56. If you buy from the market a dish with a higher grade than you can make, can you give it to your customers? I am on 2 for my paella but have bought 5 dishes grade 6! Will these still serve to customers when I am not at that grade?

  57. Im having an issue as well or maybe just dont understand. Some dishes that require steak dont want to become available for me to prepare and sometimes I have over 40 pieces of steak…example Carpaccio and others. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!!

  58. I can no longer earn deluxe crates in the chill out party. I only get blue prints for the vip clients. Anyone know how to earn the deluxe crates or do we now have to buy them?

  59. Does anyone know how to do the upgrade in the shipyard area? I have the boat and the captain, I have sailed and got supplies several times already…now I received 25 tape, 25 saws and 25 cones. When I click around in ship area I don’t see anywhere I can upgrade. Am I missing something? These items are clogging my items closet.

    • I just figured it out! When you click on your boat (as if to put a crate on it) there is a “load” indicator that will say “Load 0/5″… click on the up arrow next to it… it will give you the option to increase your load with the tape, cone, and saws.

  60. Hello!! I would like some help in here, I’m stuck with a celebrity dish.. he requires regular beef and regular coffee.. but then, with the pizza it shows a gold star on top of the pizza image, so I went there to cook the pizza with the pizza chef but that pizza didn’t worked, do you know what’s the problem
    Or what should I do ?

    • There should be a number inside the star. You need to upgrade your pizza to that level before you can serve it to the celebrity. If you are not close to reaching the required level, you can just remove the table and replace to make room for other customers.

  61. Hello, I need help, every time I click on the boat at the boat docks and unlock it and can invite celebrities, it would let me click okay or anything it’s just stuck on page until I exit out and go back in what do I do!?

  62. My problem is i got the boat and its finished, i clicked on it but it won’t let me click ok so i can start using the boat. Can anyone help me.

  63. I am new at WORLD CHEF, but I enjoy it very much. Since I have experience with kitchens, I am progressing quickly in such a short span of time. I always do the difficult level event parties and I have found success passing them due to good planning. Having the (mise en place) cooking prep work done before the event begins. Since they announce the menu for each level of challenge, start cooking the dishes ahead of time. Especially anything that requires using the boat to get ingredients like fish, avocado, etc. Always keep a good supply of your base sauces like 10 marinara (red sauce), 10 spicy marinara, 10 fish sauce, 10 butter, 10 cheese, 10 heavy cream. Spend your gems of the sauce lady, milk lady and the dough man, and then the grill man. While you are waiting for an hour for the sauces to cook, use your grill man to make up your prep meats. The rest is easy assembly.

    I have to say the most frustrated thing to make are the nachos. TWO HOURS to cook? Especially if I have to get an avacodo from a dingy boat? Never sell your avocados. When you need then, they won’t come in time.

    The last tip for the event parties, never serve people the dishes on the party menu. So if Nachos are on the menu and someone comes in ordering Nacho, I delet the table and put it back, again and again, until a customer orders something in my inventory, and it is convenient to me. In the real world, this IS what REAL CHEFS so. They simply persuade you to order something else by saying they are out of stock. The bulk party comes first.

    Now, can someone tell me if I can change the queue of dishes about to be cooked? Or can I trash an order because time is pressing to make a different decision? Also, can I have more than one Indian Chef? Also, sometimes I have a dish already prepared but it won’t serve it to a customer until I make another. Does anyone know why that is? Does the game dictate who I give the one dish to if there is more than one person requesting that same dish?

    I haven’t really decorated my place yet. The one room I did place attention to was the main kitchen. The rest will come with time. Until then keep sharing tips/cheats.

  64. Make the specified amount of coins in the social market….. Plz make me understand… As I want complete this task to shift from chef de cuisine to another


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