Zynga has launched a really amazing puzzler on iOS, Words on Tour. Coming from the makers of Words with Friends, this puzzler challenges you to complete stage after stage of word finding puzzles and get three star ratings while traveling the world. A really difficult task that is, so we’ve decided to come to your aid and share with you our own Words on Tour cheats and tips to help you win all levels and also bag the three star rewards!

We know that it’s not easy at all, especially after you pass the first 15 levels in the game, but it’s all doable and we have some advice for you, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Words Tour tips and cheats for three star ratings!


1. Go for long words
You can indeed create – and they are easier to find – two or three letter words, but they don’t help you much (unless you are on a “create the phrase” level and you only need one letter). Usually, going for the longest possible words is the best approach since it also gives you more points and increases your chances of completing the levels.

2. Carefully use special characters
Whenever you fill the bonus meter, you get a special character that can prove insanely useful for your game, so make sure that you use it so the you get the most of it: use it in a word (be it short or long) that either clears the longest possible line OR gives you access to a difficult letter you need to complete a phrase. There’s also no need to hurry using them – you can keep them on the board until the end, just to make sure you have them there in case of need.

3. Remove blockers
When you have bricks that are blocking the way, you should do your best to create words around them in order to remove them as fast as possible: they take valuable space, space that could be filled with letters that would make your life a lot easier. So focus on getting rid of those first and as soon as possible!

4. Take your time
There is no timer, no time limit – just you and the letters in Words Tour, so make sure that you take all the time in the world in order to complete a level. Check out all your options, all the possible combinations (remember, you can go either way with your letters) and make sure that every word that you spell is the best word you can find in your game.

5. Cheat by using word solvers
There are various tools on the internet where you can enter a bunch of letters and they will suggest words for you. For example, you can use Word Solver, find 9 letters that are close by, enter them in the word solver tool and check out the suggestions there. Go for the longest words and see if you can create any. It’s time consuming as not all letters will connect, but it’s also an easy way to score a super huge word for tons of points.

And this would be it for now! Take your time, check out all options and you will complete all levels in the game with three star ratings. If you have other Words on Tour tips or cheats, let us know by commenting below!



  1. Was really enjoying this game. Love the challenge. Stopped in my tracks at #64. Days of trying. No longer fun. Cannot figure out what’s needed to zap q,s.

  2. Stuck on level 49.
    Do not want to purchase stuff to advance to level 50.
    Do not want to play via FB friends.
    I chose to “continue playing”.
    26/30 continues to be displayed, even though I have completed dozens and dozens of the individual puzzles.
    Am I misunderstanding what is required????

    • It’s counting the stars earned per level (1, 2, or 3). You need at least 30 stars to continue. Try replaying levels with one or two stars to improve your score.

      • I have replayed games where I only had one or two stars and earned 3 – still stuck on 28/30 stars. They are not giving me any more!

  3. im stuck on level 85…, really frustrating…I know the answer to the puzzle…it’s a hidden phrase…but I’m not getting the right letters to solve it…any suggestions?

    • Use numbered letters first but try to make long words so you don’t use up your moves. Don’t forget to keep rotating your device so the token will drop down.

    • I am stuck on level 100 also for a week now. Very frustrating. I beat the timer but can never get the 38 tiles needed. I usually end with 35 or 36. Don’t understand how this level should be played.Someone pleas help!!

  4. I’m stuck on level 58. 65 tiles in 8 moves. Been trying for days got as high as 62 once but can’t beat this one. Really frustrating.

  5. Stuck on level 88 for 4 days now but won’t give up….determined to solve it! Have never figured out tho if there is any difference in the color of the tiles, except the red ones of course.

    • Try to have as many letters as possible in the column below the token. Also, make the words as long as possible and don’t forget to have the zapper square pointed in the direction that benefits you the most.

  6. I love this game, but am stuck at level 205 in Sydney. I do the expiring tiles first but can’t get the stamped ones to clear. Help!!

    • This one’s well hard, just done it but don’t really know what I did differently. Just try to keep as many of the special tiles in the diagonal as possible (by rotating the screen before you make the word), and when you use a special tile try not to set off more than one other one, save them for your other turns. Also, by setting off special tiles that are next to each other, they will take off more tiles than if you used them one after the other

  7. Can anyone pls tell me what decides whether u earn 1,2 or 3 stars? I am replaying levels to get to next area but even though my replay score is higher than the score that got my first star i do not get a second star? Help?

  8. I’ve been stuck at level 64 for a week now. I’ve watched all you tube videos….my words aren’t the same. Do what works for most isn’t working for me. Can anyone help? Email me please. Thanks.

  9. been stuck on 64 for a few weeks. it is getting to be very frustrating! my words are different than you tubes! what’s the deal?

  10. I originally was trying to look up ‘how to earn more coins’ then spied a cheat… then found this page.
    I just finished reading through the comments and have come to a single conclusion about this game.

    I was really enjoying it, up until the stupid thing kept going that I need more coins, and that the further ahead levels are stupid difficult.
    I think I'll just uninstall it. I have better things to do than get this frustrated and stuck on some game.

  11. I am stuck on level 240. You need 55 stamps but the best I have got is 53. I don’t know what strategy I used so I can’t try it again and tweak it to get a bit higher.

    • Although you have passed the levels, you may only have got one or two stars so your total of stars isn’t high enough. Return to previous levels and see if you can replay the level but get one or two more stars each time in order to increase your total number. This will unlock the next stage.

      • Hello, I completed Tokyo level #78 or so and need to get to next Level. Asked friends but no help there…BUT today the game has taken me BACK to London #35..Am I supposed to replay all these London games to get more that what’s going on??? How and where do I see how many stars I have??? e-mail me if you have instructions…thanks. May 9, 9:30 p.m.

  12. Has anyone else stopped getting token coins free for watching videos? They were awarded regularily then abruptly stopped even tho I’ve watched several….no token

  13. I’ve had the same issues, watched several videos no coin rewarded. I’ve also completed level 275 and just have a “coming soon” word bubble on the screen…but WHEN is the next level coming? ?

    • I’ve been waiting at level 275 for weeks, getting the “Coming Soon” message. I was about to give up and just put Words On Tour behind me the way I did Farmville a few years ago. But then I saw these posts that indicated some people were playing past level 275. So I had a brainstorm and tried something. I had been playing WOT exclusively on my PC. I just tried it on my Android phone, and it immediately gave me access to the next level and game 276. Apparently Zynga has coded the game past level 275 for the Android phones but not for PC’s.

  14. You state there are no timers but level 320 ends before my moves are up stating “Out of time”, then asking if I’d like to use coins to add to timers. There is no timer on the board so I can never tell how much time I have left. Perhaps this is a new feature to the game play since this page was posted. Any ideas as to how to extend the time or even see the timer?


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