For all you word puzzle junkies (myself included) we have come up with a new and exciting game to keep you all busy through the holidays and to further stretch your creativity and puzzle solving skills.

For that, we’ve got these Word Swipe answers for levels 1 to 50 to help you with the game, so get cozy with a blanket and a hot cocoa and follow our steps to help you solve every riddle this game holds.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Word Swipe answers!

Word Swipe Level 1 Answers

How to Play: Win, Down, Left


Word Swipe Level 2 Answers

Fluffy Things: Bunny, Puppy, Cotton


Word Swipe Level 3 Answers

You Can Break It: Glass, Mirror, Window, Contract


Word Swipe Level 4 Answers

Sharp Things: Saw, Blade, Sense, Sword


Word Swipe Level 5 Answers

Things With Lenses: Car, Eyes, Light, Camera, Glasses


Word Swipe Level 6 Answers

You Can Climb It: Stair, Ladder, Pyramid


Word Swipe Level 7 Answers

Operated By Remote Control: Plane, Sound, Garage, Speaker


Word Swipe Level 8 Answers

Phases of Matter: Gas, Solid, Liquid, Plasma


Word Swipe Level 9 Answers

Sources of News: Press, Radio, Office, Partner, Internet


Word Swipe Level 10 Answers

You Can Miss It: Bus, Home, Husband, Children, Childhood


Word Swipe Level 11 Answers

Can Be Invested In: Kid, Food, Stocks, Yourself


Word Swipe Level 12 Answers

Can Be Dried: Hair, Hand, Tear, Towel, Clothes


Word Swipe Level 13 Answers

Movements of Cars: Cut, Jerk, Turn, Change, Reverse


Word Swipe Level 14 Answers

Things People Lie About: Age, Hobby, Looks, Height, Weight, Traffic, Weakness


Word Swipe Level 15 Answers

Things People Ask For: Tip, Help, Time, Opinion, Patience, Insurance


Word Swipe Level 16 Answers

White Things: Moon, Rice, Cheese, Lotion


Word Swipe Level 17 Answers

May Have a Password: Door, Phone, Website, Computer, Suitcase


Word Swipe Level 18 Answers

Holidays and Festivals: Easter, Memorial, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine


Word Swipe Level 19 Answers

Fillings of a Sandwich: Fish, Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber


Word Swipe Level 20 Answers

Phone Words: Call, Miss, Send, Text, Number, Operator


Word Swipe Level 21 Answers

Types of Music: Folk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Country, Steampunk


Word Swipe Level 22 Answers

You Can Win It: Bet, Medal, League, Trophy, Lottery


Word Swipe Level 23 Answers

Words of Frequency: Then, Never, Hardly, Weekly, Sometimes


Word Swipe Level 24 Answers

Can Be Booked Online: Seat, Flight, Lawyer, Ticket, Wedding, Therapist


Word Swipe Level 25 Answers

Can Not Live Without It: Air, Food, Hope, Love, Money, Sleep, Water


Word Swipe Level 26 Answers

University Subjects: Botany, Anatomy, Biology, Geology, Physics, Geometry


Word Swipe Level 27 Answers

Email Words: Send, Delete, Header, Message


Word Swipe Level 28 Answers

Things With Buttons: Dryer, Radio, Watch, Control, Elevator


Word Swipe Level 29 Answers

Things That Get Full: Bin, Basket, Drawer, Mailbox, Calendar


Word Swipe Level 30 Answers

Things You Watch: Snow, Cloud, People, Sunset, Tennis, Football


Word Swipe Level 31 Answers

Orange Things: Yam, Carrot, Pumpkin, Persimmon


Word Swipe Level 32 Answers

Flammable Substances: Paint, Butane, Ethanol, Gasoline


Word Swipe Level 33 Answers

On or In a Desk: Book, Pencil, Marking, Sticker, Schedule


Word Swipe Level 34 Answers

Processed Food: Meat, Milk, Bread, Meals, Cheese, Sausage


Word Swipe Level 35 Answers

Continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Antarctic, Australia


Word Swipe Level 36 Answers

Types of Candy: Gum, Raisin, Caramel, Praline


Word Swipe Level 37 Answers

In a Hospital: Test, Bandage, Pharmacy, Apparatus, Operation


Word Swipe Level 38 Answers

It Melts When Heated: Ice, Wax, Sugar, Candle, Snowman


Word Swipe Level 39 Answers

You Can Roll It: Rug, Cloth, Paper, Sheet, Carpet, Sweater


Word Swipe Level 40 Answers

Things to Keep You Cool: Air, Fan, Rain, Shade, Water, Window


Word Swipe Level 41 Answers

Ways to Cook: Fold, Freeze, Julienne, Tenderize


Word Swipe Level 42 Answers

Things You Ask For: Check, Raise, Advice, Proposal, Extension


Word Swipe Level 43 Answers

Good Luck Charms: Buddha, Clover, Statue, Turtle, Crescent


Word Swipe Level 44 Answers

Causes of Arguments: Law, Word, Bedtime, Washing, Politics, Telephone


Word Swipe Level 45 Answers

Things You Listen To: Rain, Tape, Audio, Lecture, Partner, Professor


Word Swipe Level 46 Answers

Words Used With “Make”: Loss, Mess, Offer, Something


Word Swipe Level 47 Answers

In a Bathroom: Basin, Cream, Bubble, Cabinet, Lavatory


Word Swipe Level 48 Answers

Clothing Actions: Get, Hem, Darn, Knit, Dress


Word Swipe Level 49 Answers

School Rooms: Gym, Lab, Field, Library, Cafeteria, Classroom


Word Swipe Level 50 Answers

Can Be Interesting: Game, Joke, Human, Movie,  Photo, Story, Video


These are all the Word Swipe answers for levels 1 to 50. We’ve put them in the order they are supposed to be at the end, but to solve it easier the game highlights with yellow which word you can solve with the current letters given.

To solve it faster we suggest using the word that fits the space and letters of the highlighted space. Finding that word will not be hard since you have them all here solved by us, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy that hot cocoa you grabbed earlier and just follow our guide.

In conclusion, these are the Word Swipe answers for the first 50 levels, but don’t go too far because soon we will solve more levels and post them as soon as we’ve got them figured out! So stay tuned for more Word Swipe answers!

Update: We have returned with more answers! Check out Word Swipe answers for levels 51-100!


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