A really unique word game is now available on the App Store, combining features taken from different genres to create a unique and memorable mix.

Words for Evil, a solo project by Dylan Loney, is basically a role playing game where everything is managed through words. This means that all every action of the game, from exploring to loot treasure chests to combat, is done only with words. So you can expect to form up words quite a lot in the game.

For the rest, Words for Evil is a classic role playing game featuring everything fans of the genre expect like plenty of items to find, enemies to defeat and locations to explore. The word game mechanics, however, add such an interesting twist that make the game really hard to put down, also thanks to the overall pacing. The game’s old school presentation also manages to make the whole experience even more charming.

Words for Evil is now available on the App Store for only $1.99. The game is a really unique title so make sure to take a look at it if you’re into either role playing games or puzzle games. You might be surprised by the depth and the sheer amount of fund Words for Evil can provide.



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