Woodcutting and Mining Gathering Guide for Fantasy Life Online

Woodcutting and Mining Gathering Guide for Fantasy Life Online

Players around the world adore Fantasy Life Online for its variety. In this RPG you can become whoever you want and engage in various activities. For example, these are Woodcutting and Mining Gathering and in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about these crafts.

Woodcutting and Mining Gathering Guide

We have separated these two activities into one guide since they have a lot in common. To get wood, you need to attack the tree with an ax until the tree’s health indicator drops to zero. Each tree has a weak point, hitting which you do more damage. The same goes for ore. These weak points are located in one place, but only on normal ores and trees. There are also huge trees and ores in the game, which have a huge supply of health. For such objects, the weak point changes its location.

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Also use a double hit, which deals more damage than a simple hit. To do it, you need to have time to press it a second time, at the moment when the character brings up an ax or a pickaxe. If you live a wood cutting life or a miner life, then by overkill you will receive bonus loot, for example instead of 2 logs, you will get 4. For this, we recommend using a charged attack. And if you level up your character high enough, you can do a double-charged attack.

By performing all these tricks, you can easily mine ore and logs. Also, remember to use the best items you have. After all, 5-star tools can have special moves that come in handy.

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Woodcutting and Mining Gathering Guide for Fantasy Life Online


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