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Wonka’s World of Candy Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Wonka’s World of Candy Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Before Charlie won his ticket to the Chocolate Factory, there was another story to the iconic candy making facility. In Wonka’s World of Candy, you will help Willy Wonka remodel his famous Chocolate Factory by playing candy filled match-3 levels. Our Wonka’s World of Candy cheats and tips will show you how to master the candy and get those stars to remodel the factory!

Wonka’s World of Candy is exactly like any other base building/match-3 puzzle game, and since they’re so common nowadays you’ll know what to expect! Let’s get started with our Wonka’s World of Candy cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Conserve your moves!

While the candy from the Chocolate Factory may be incredibly tempting, it’s best to only match the ones you need, and to be too free with your moves. For every move you have left over, a random piece of candy on the board will turn into a candy rocket and blast off into random spots on the board. Depending on how many moves you have left, this can really push you over the edge in to getting a great score!

Create the special candies!

Wonka’s World of Candy wouldn’t be complete without some of the world’s most famous candies, so why not try some of the more exotic ones out?

  • Sugar Beams are created with 4 candies. When matched, Sugar Beams shoot out a beam to immediately match all of the candies in that row or column. You can tell what direction the beam will go in by the design on the candy.
  • Colorsplash Cordials are created with 5 candies. These wonder candies will immediately match all candies of the corresponding candy you match it with. Careful use of this one can really help you reach your objective faster!
  • Everlasting Gobstoppers are created with 6 candies. The ultimate piece, Gobstoppers will turn a LARGE section of the board into one color, resulting in a cascade of automatic matches and special candies.
  • Rockets are created with 4 candies matched in a square formation. When activated, rockets will fly towards a piece of candy on the board and match it. They will prioritize candies that go towards your level goal. Useful for getting hard-to-reach candies!
  • Fizzy Bubbles are created when you match candies in a “T” or “L” formation. Fizzy Bubbles are like bombs and will match all the candies in a 3×3 formation surrounding it.

You will need to utilize the special candies to reach some of the harder goals, so always be looking out for opportunities to create them!

Go for the Great Score!

During each level, there will be a meter underneath Wonka’s hat at the top left corner of the screen. Every time you earn points, the meter will fill up a bit, and if you fill it up all the way you will achieve a “great score”. When you get a great score, you are awarded bonus goodies at the end of the level, usually coins. Every little bit helps, so always try to aim for the great score!

Buy some boosters!

If you’re having trouble with a particular level, try using some boosters. You can’t really spend your coins on anything else, so don’t feel pressured to save them for a big thing. You can also pay up if you run out of moves on a level for an extra 5 moves. Coins are pretty useful and they’re fairly easy to get!

That’s all for Wonka’s World of Candy. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Wonka’s World of Candy Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Ok so I’m stuck on a level that u have to set off a rocket a bomb or a fizzy maybe even ,but this level is hard and I need sugar to run a machin I need for the level…do tell me how to go and earn more sugar…nice game but fix this please.

  2. Im curious why some these questions are not answered? How do I play with people online? Or invite them when i go to freinds I can see my freind has freinds that he plays with, how do I get some friends. I want to give and get lives and moves etc. Thanks Julie


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