Unleash your imagination in the wonderful world of WonderWorlds! WonderWorlds is a 3D platforming adventure game that takes a lot of inspiration of Little Big Planet. Bozos have landed into your color dreamworld, and it’s time to clean up and restore the place to its former beauty!

Featuring a full-length story mode, WonderWorlds is a big adventure to explore, and our WonderWorlds cheats and tips will set you off to a good start!

WonderWorlds is fun, imaginative and full of creativity, so be sure to create your own dreamworld to share with the world! In the mean time, let’s get started with our WonderWorlds cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Collect all the goodies!

Each level has a set amount of goodies you can collect, and if you manage to get all of them the level will have highlighted icons to show your progress.

  • The lightning bolt fills in if you’ve “Aced” the level. Aceing a level means that you get through the entire thing from start to finish without taking a single hit or falling down a bottomless pit.
  • The jam jar fills in if you’ve collected all of the jam jar presents in the level. Jam jars contain stickers and new clothes for you Imi, so if you like to play dress up and customize, be sure to search high and low for the jam jars!
  • The fluffy cloud icon fills in if you’ve collected all of the fluff pieces in the level. We’re not quite sure what these fluff pieces do, but we can only imagine it’s good!

These icons keep track of how much you’ve completed the levels, which is directly equal to the amount of experience you gain from completing it. The more icons you fill, the more experience you’ll get!

Spin the camera often!

Often times levels will simply hide things that are out of your default point of view. Try to make it a habit of spinning the camera whenever you come to a new area to scope out your surroundings.

The game LOVES to hide fluff, jam jars, and more inside little nooks and crannies that you won’t normally see if you’re not actively examining the environment. You’re an explorer now so be sure to take advantage of camera control to ensure you don’t miss any goodies!

Use your decorations!

WonderWorlds will sometimes test your dexterity through platforming segments, but a lot of times it’ll opt to test your decorating skills instead! Sometimes you’ll come across switch where you need a specific object, but before you can get it you’ll have to use your decorations.

For example, in “The Cave,” the fourth level in Story Mode, you’ll come across statues that are sad because the little blue guys have stolen their jewelry.

This is where you come in! Use your decorations to make them pretty again and you’ll be able to advance! There are a lot of puzzles like this in the game, so get used to using your decorations!

Try out the WonderWorlds!

WonderWorlds is all about imagination and creativity, so why not exercise that creativity by creating your own level or playing community levels? That’s right – you can play levels created by other players from all over the world!

The best part is that you’ll still gain normal experience points for playing community levels, no matter how easy or hard they end up being, so it’s a win-win situation!

That’s all for WonderWorlds! If you have any other adventuring tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hello! Trying to create my own level in this game but I have no idea how to make the rocks interactive so they can be picked up to throw at the monsters, could you talk me through how to do this please?

  2. I agree with other comments about creating your own level for the community to play, It would be really useful for someone to code an app of how to use every single Logic Icon and Interactive object in the game, Plus with Tricks on How to do Cool Puzzles for the game, for example, How To Make A Working Key That You Hold Unlock A New Area In a Level, or How To Make Batteries fit in to their slots of choice, (that one I’m still figuring out) and so on, but this is very useful for telling and showing the basics of how to start of the game!


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