Welcome to the coolest theme park around! Wonder Park Magic Rides is a theme park simulation game that ties in with the latest Paramount Animation film, Wonder Park. June is on a personal quest to restore the theme park of her dreams, and now you get to step in and help! Our Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats and tips will show you how to run your park and gain lots of coins!

Wonder Park Magic Rides is a fun and lighthearted theme park simulator, but there are some nuances to its systems, so let’s get started with our Wonder Park Magic Rides cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Sell combined items!

You should never sell raw items on their own. Instead, to be a little more efficient with your items, you should always combine items first before selling them. Combined items sell at a much higher price than just regular raw items! For example, do not sell Candy and Apples by themselves. Instead, making Candy Apples for almost double the profit! This goes for just about any combined item.

Use the dashboard often!

At level 4, you will unlock the Wonder Park dashboard. Here, you can see how your park is doing with a list of general stats. But, the most important feature of the dashboard is to see how all of your rides and characters are doing at a glance.

If you have any inactive characters, the dashboard will notify you and you can even quick assign them to activities to ensure that you are getting lots of of coins and items to work with.

The dashboard will also tell you of your rides’ status, and if any one of them need any kind of maintenance. If you suddenly cannot use a ride, be sure to check the dashboard to see if it needs repairs.

Collect those smiles!

When you are looking around your Wonder Park, be sure to keep an eye out for happy visitors. They will have a smiley icon above their head – tap it to collect a smile. As your Smile-O-Meter fills up at the top of the screen, you can earn small gem rewards. You can earn three of them in a day, so try to collect as many smiles as you can!

Save up your gems!

You may be tempted to spend your gems to speed up certain activities, but we highly recommend holding onto them. Early on in the game, you will start a quest chain called “Space Adventures”. June will want to explore outer space, and to do so you will need to build a Space Rocket, which costs 50 gems. This takes a while to build up, so we recommend to start saving early!

Complete character quests!

You should never be out of stuff to do, because as soon as you start bringing in new characters like Greta, you will receive tons of character quests. These quests should be done as soon as possible in any order you like, because they help with the development of your park. They will ask you to build things that you recently unlock, so they are a way of leading down the progression path.

That’s all for Wonder Park! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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