In the past few weeks we have talked a few times about Wizards And Wagons, a very interesting game developed by Touch Dimensions, the developer of the popular iOS game Autumn Dynasty. Last week we have reported that the game was going to be released on the App Store on November 13th and it seems like the wizard and his wagons haven’t had any problem on their journey towards the App Store.

A few hours ago Wizards And Wagons has been made available on the App Store in all regions. As previously reported, the game is a premium title costing $4.99 and no IAPs, so you will be getting the full experience by paying its price.


Wizards and Wagons’ premise is only one of the game’s unique features. The titular Wizard character is done with defeating the Demon Lord and saving, finding himself without a job. The Wizard is forced to find a new way to make a living and players will have to help him making his trading business successful. The game features an interesting mix of tower defense games, top down shooters and role playing game features, createing a very interesting mix.

Wizard and Wagons is now available on the App Store in all regions.




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