Defend your castle from the horde of skeletons! Wizard Swipe is a simple base defense game. Waves of skeletons will rush your castle; swipe your screen to launch fireballs at them! Fire isn’t the only school of magic available to you – cast ice, air, acid and lightning spells to defeat the skeletons! Wizard Swipe is a pretty straightforward game but it can get tough. Let’s get started with our Wizard Swipe cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Charge up pyroblast!


Whenever there is a lull in combat, you should always have a pyroblast ready to go! Pyroblast are just fireballs with splash damage. They are directly affected by your fireball damage and upgrades. So, when should you use a pyroblast versus a regular fireball? Well whenever you get a breather you can charge one up. Or, if you’re facing an onslaught of enemies that are grouped up together, constant pyroblasts will do the trick. Once you get the penetration upgrade for fireballs, you can use them more often. Until then, keep chucking those pyroblasts!

2. Fake out the mages!

Early on a new type of enemy you will face is the Skeleton Mage. These slippery guys will warp out of the way if they sense a projectile heading towards them. They can only do this once every couple of seconds, so the best way to take them out is rapid firing your fireballs. Fake them out with a couple of shots towards their initial position, then start flinging fireballs around the area. They’re bound to warp into one of them!

3. Level up Spell Damage!

The very first upgrade you are able to purchase is Spell Damage. This upgrade increases the damage for all of your spells, so it’s never a waste of gold to improve this upgrade. Every time you purchase another point into this upgrade, your overall spell damage is increased by 25%. Not too shabby!

4. Complete the missions!

Each level has three missions for you to complete. Completing a mission rewards you with gold and a red gem. Red gems are required to open gates later down the road, so you need to get as many of them as you can. The first mission is always just complete the level, so you should be able to check that off easily. The other two require a little more finesse, such as killing a certain amount of enemies using a specific spell, or take no damage throughout the whole level. Don’t worry if a mission is too hard, just come back later when your spells are powered up more.

5. Pay attention to the modifiers!

On each level primer, you’ll see a variety of icons and list of effects. Each level has special modifiers that changes things up. Enemies may be faster than usual, they might drop more gold, or maybe they’ll regenerate health. As you can see, the modifiers can be either positive or negative. Positive effects are usually in green text, while negative is red. While you can usually work around the negative modifiers, an important one to pay attention to are the damage modifiers. Sometimes enemies will be more resistant to a certain type of magic, so be careful!

6. Grab the Mastery upgrades!

At the end of each elemental tree (save for fire), there will be a Mastery upgrade. Their icons looks like swords enveloped by the respective element. Points into these upgrades will improve the damage dealt by that type of magic, but it’s further multiplied by how many points you have invested into the Spell Damage upgrade. These mastery upgrades will greatly boost your damage output, so work towards them.

That’s all for Wizard Swipe. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!




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