The wonderful world of The Wizard of Oz comes to your iOS devices! Wizard of Oz: Magic Match takes the match-3 puzzle game formula you all know and love and brings it somewhere over the rainbow! Fans of the film and novel will find plenty to love here, as you’ll run into a cast of familiar characters. We’ll help you discover the world and score high with our Wizard of Oz: Magic Match cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for Glinda!

On levels where you Glinda is present, make sure you take full advantage! During a level where she’s around, there are magic stars on the board. Matching these stars will increase the magic meter at the top right corner of the screen, right below Glinda herself. If you can fill it up all the way, Glinda will come to the rescue should you run out of moves and you haven’t reached your objective yet. She’ll spread her magic across the board, turning random items into super pieces, and she’ll also give you back a couple of moves. On especially challenging levels, this could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

2. Utilize the butterflies!

Matching four items in a square creates a magic butterfly of that color. When matched, a butterfly will immediately land on a super item somewhere on the board. On certain levels where there are fragments of the board scattered around in hard to reach places, these butterflies are life-savers if you need to activate a super item. For example, on the levels where you need to break all of the ice blocks, activating a blocked off super item using a butterfly can turn the tides!

3. Know your super items!

Like any other good match-3 puzzle game, the key to beating the levels is taking advantage of the super items.

  • Magic beams are created when you match four items in a row. When matched, these items will immediately match the row or column its in, depending on how it was formed.
  • Magic butterflies, as mentioned above, are created when matching four items in a square shapes. Activated butterflies will fly to nearby super items on the board and automatically set them off. They’ll also destroy objective-related objects.
  • Magic bubbles are created when you match five items in a “L” or “T” shape. Magic bubbles work like bombs. When they’re moved around, they’ll match all surrounding items!
  • Glinda’s Crystal Ball is created when you match five items in a row. These are the ultimate super item! Matching this with any other item will match every single item of that same type on the board at once.
  • Matching six items in a super “T” shape will create the ultimate lollipop. The lollipop will repaint all regular items being swapped with it!
  • And of course, you can also combine supers with each other to create some devastating effects.

4. Always go for your objective!

Think out your moves and plan ahead! Early on you can be liberal with your moves, but later on you’ll need to make every single one count. As usual, there’s no time limit so think over each move carefully before you commit to it. Before anything, you should always consider if your move is going to bring you one step closer to your objective goal. You should always prioritize your objective before anything!

That’s all for Wizard of Oz: Magic Match. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


    • Im stuck on level 1367. It’s impossible. I’ve used 50 coins to get one water drop. Impossible been on this level for weeks. I’m ready to quit the game and I’m so close to the end

      • I’m stuck on this same level! I’ve also used up all my coins trying to get one last drop of water. Many games I get down to just one water left. I’ve also noticed that when I’m down to the last few drops of water needed, what has worked in the bottom half of the board, doesn’t work on the top half. Grrrrrr

    • Keep trying….sometimes you have to do it twenty or more times. I’m at Level 978 and have done many levels a million times. I’d help but can’t get my Lifeline working.

      • Keep trying….sometimes you have to do it twenty or more times. I’m at Level 978 and have done many levels a million times. I’d help but can’t get my Lifeline working.

        This was intended for Michelle Erkenbeck….anyone at 1367 knows more than I know!

    • start trying for butterlies against the blocks, you get two block hits for one move. also start looking for 4’s to make the Beams. As things open up a little stay focused on getting the Scarecrows down. Butterlies are your friends on this one, when you can combine with a bubble or a beam you open up the board and let things cascade a little. It’s a large board, slow down and study it each move looking for 5’s; without a couple of globes there’s really no getting it done. Remember that a globe with a butterfly clears a lot of space, often the best use of a globe is to clear out a color that you DON’T want on the board. Anytime you clear a color, especially where there is a lot of that color, you clear space for (1) cascades where the game seems to play itself for awhile or (2) what’s dropping in contains more of the color you want. Same thing for Lollipops, sometimes the best play is to Lollipop a color that is largely represented, rather than the color you need to win. Remember the Scarecrows are the key, a vertical beam anywhere in the Scarecrow’s row gets it down and spills the colors you need.

  1. keep getting videos and then doesnt do anything have to exit game then i am on the same level have to keep playing same level all the time

    • Same thing happens to me on Kindle fire – really annoying.Have to exit and play a different game then I go back to the level I already finished !!

    • you dont need to use baskets on level 43. you can use them to drag long chains of pieces. select the basket with your finger then paint along a line of colors to collect them.

    • Toto’s basket left me confused for a long time. Sure you an collect a few pieces, but it really works when you finally figure out you can also collect Scarecrows, Lions, TinMen, clocks – all of which actually put you farther ahead in the game.

  2. Add me on Fb lakesha maria robinson and I’ll help pass some levels also if u run of of luves and can’t get people to send you some go to settings then apps click on apps then go down to wizard of oz and then click it when it opens click storage and clear data yes clear data then go back in the actual game and connect back to Fb and there you have 5 new lives !!

  3. Stuck on level 51 and about to just delete the app. which bites because otherwise its fun. How can you get 80 blue and 80 red plus 195 (?) ice blocks with only 30 something moves??!

    • usually cascades – meaning you work the board to a large number of one color and then it starts playing itself because with so many pieces of one color, 4’s and 5’s are more common and 5’s especially then clear the board of that color so that the next color predominates and cascades again.

  4. How do you collect all three stars in any level? Is it the score that gives you the number of stars? I can’t seem to find out what the stars mean.

    • I’ve collected 3 stars in several levels. You have to beat your highest friends score. Haven’t noticed that the 3 stars give you anything though.

      • agree. the stars seem to indicate higher score, I’ve won a lot of boards and moved on with only 1 or 2 stars. I don’t have friends associated with my game but maybe there is some benefit to beating a friend’s score – IDK

  5. I am on level 114. They are asking for 16 flowers to be cleared but there is only 13 flowers on the board. When I have you tubed the level I see that they ask for only 13 flowers. I cannot figure why my game level asks for 16. I have cleared all the flowers along with the yellow and red pieces along with the boxes. It still says 16 flowers. What is wrong with my board?? Is it a downloaded glitch?

    • I am on 143. I have the same problem it is asking for 51 flowers but the videos show 43. I had cleared the board one time and it showed I still,needed 8 flowers.

    • Your screen should have moved down after you cleared the board to show new rows. There are several levels that do this. A few times i thought i cleared them all and i wasnt seeing one that i had left behind. Look closely.

  6. Me too! I’m on 121, same thing. I sent them a message but haven’t heard back – they may be closed for the holidays. So frustrating! Cleared everything multiple times, no way to get the extra flowers!

    Try sending them a message through settings, maybe if lots of people do, they’ll get it fixed faster. I think the last update must have messed it up.

    • flowers might be hidden under vaults or ice or more might fall down from the top break all those pieces and it might release a flower from underneath, as in the “key” levels or more may drop down eventually.

  7. Add me to FB. I will help with the levels. Im on 567. Adena Amparano on FB. State wizard of oz or I won’t be able to add you because I just don’t add people for no reason

    • as long as a player can match at least 4 pieces or make a powerup then they keep getting turns..just a bit of luck and planning ahead…you too can get multiple turns.

  8. I’m stuck on level 150. There seems to be no way to beat it. Been on this level for days and feel like deleting the game! Can anybody give me any pointers that will really help me get through it? No longer on Facebook.

  9. Stuck on 69.. after screen finally rolls up ( and how did I get it to roll to next screen? All is frozen) how do I unfreeze all those butterfly’s with only 2 rows of free and scattered Pieces? Moves run out crazy fast and I’m like not even halfway done!?!

  10. I have been maxed out on levels waiting for new ones to come out, yesterday 18Feb2017 I was notified to a game update, I updated the game through the Apple store and now it starts to load and freezes at “Updating Content” (there is no progress bar showing anything is happening and I have waited for over an hour 3 separate times with the same problem. I have removed and reinstalled the game with the same results. I am frustrated about this problem. Thanks for your help.

  11. I,m on 108, and all I get is that there,s an upgrade,but getting back to the game is harder than any of the games. How do I get to 109?

  12. Help! I am such a novice at this after reading all your comments. I can’t figure out what to do to satisfy the corn husk icon and can’t find any direction. I can collect all the poppies needed for level 14 and somehow clear all cornhusks but 1. Since I don’t know what I’m doing to clear them..i can’t seem to get the last one. It’s been days. I make a point to clear if something is highlighted if possible.

    • Making matches next to hay bales will clear them. Also, the highlighted suggested move is not always the best move. Look around and see if there is a better option that helps your strategy or gives you something you need, before you take the highlighted move.

  13. I’m on level 448. Its a wonderful game. Just keeps on trying to beat em. That’s the fun in it. I just wonder how many levels are in I total. Limbo.

  14. I’m on 365, it’s a level where the objective is to score 750,000 points in only 16 moves! Board is very small. Anyone know what special pieces or combination of gets you the most points?

    • I am on level 586, should be easy. Only have to get 200,000 points. Tons of flower pots, scarecrows. But can’t get that total to go up. Is there any place where you can find the value of each move and which ones score highest. I cleared all flower pots and Purple Hearts and still could not get ther. Any ideas?

  15. Sorry, I should have said go to collections on the left of your screen. You can use your tickets to buy oz moments. When you complete a collection you are rewarded with good stuff!

  16. I am stuck on level 1102….they show that you have to clear 16 poppies but there are only 14 poppies in the game. Where do I find these 2 hidden poppies?

  17. Hey Gina, I’m up to level 1110. I don’t recall any issues with 1102 however I have encountered a few glitches along the way ie: not enough flowers, no available moves yet no twister etc. I can only suggest you keep trying, the glitches always go away eventually. Good luck.

  18. Swap crystal ball with a crystal ball and it wipes out entire board. Also, add Tinman or Scarecrow to Toto’s basket to receive super items quickly!

  19. Sometimes the game cheats. I am not spending money on this and I get gipped because I refuse to spend money to play?? I’m about ready to delete. I to like the game though. I am sure helps with my anxiety but I don’t have money to spend. They should have more options to earn coins. There aren’t many.

    • I’m on level 915. Have never spent any money & don’t have it through Facebook because it kept freezing up. So it’s playable without money & friends.

  20. Sometimes the game cheats. I am not spending money on this and I get gipped because I refuse to spend money to play?? I’m about ready to delete. I to like the game though. It helps with my anxiety but I don’t have money to spend. They should have more options to earn coins. There aren’t many. I am stuck on level 64

    • i have the same problem… level 180 is a different bord as on the videos.. and there are only 4 clocks instead of 14 had reply for help..the sais to remove the app and install it again…did it all and still no normal bord on level 180-

  21. I can’t figure out 1472 either!The balloon does not go up when you want it to and you can not move it if it is all the way over on the right side and have got it to go down a little a couple of times.Zynga if this is a glitch please fix it!

  22. Problem with level 131. When I get the highest score, the witch wins. When the witch gets the highest score, the witch wins. So if I get above 50 the witch wins and if she gets above 50, the witch wins. I never, ever win when I get the highest score so please fix it.

  23. Problem with level 131. When I get the highest score, the witch wins. When the witch gets the highest score, the witch wins. So if I get above 50, the witch wins and if she gets above 50, the witch wins. I never, ever win when I get the highest score so please fix it.

  24. I’m stuck on level 1502. I e mailed the game but never got an answer. I think they are acorns that I can’t get rid of. It has something to do with the way the wind blows. I’ve played a few other levels like this and I won but I have no idea how. But I’ve been playing level 1502 for 2 days but no such luck this time.

    • I’d love to hear how you passed legends level 69. Most times, I can’t even get enough water buckets to open the whole board, and when I have, I’ve only got 1 or 2 moves left. Sorry I can’t help with level 77 – hopefully youve passed it by now! Thanks!

  25. I’m stuck on level 1950, it’s just ridiculous to be honest. The screen is full of boxes and it just keeps giving out more boxes, I’m supposed to get 50 red and blue gems but it’s impossible because it’s just constant boxes. It even reshuffles constantly because there is barely any colours in the screen.

  26. I’m level 1918
    I’ve noticed the levels are easier in the early hours 4-6 am. I could be stuck on a level four days and all of a sudden pass the level in the early hours of the morning. Good luck to all ! And by the way I have never purchased anything on this app

  27. Can’t get by 86. Against the wicked witch and tiles. I’m doing all my matches with bonus’s, looks like I’m winning. But it says she wins every time??


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