Earlier this week we have reported that Wizard Golf RPG, the unique role playing game developed by Floor 27 Industries, is now available in soft-launch mode on the Canadian App Store.

Today it’s been confirmed that the game is also going to be released globally next week, on January 8th, so make sure to get your magical golf clubs ready for action.


Wizard Golf RPG is a really unique role playing game combining role playing games features with golf game mechanics. Players will take control of a wizard who has to explore a variety of dungeons, avoid dangers, defeat enemies and gather treasures.

What sets Wizard Golf RPG apart from countless similar others is the way the wizard moves. Every time the character has to move, he will turn into a magic ball through a spell, with players having to hit this ball as if the game was a golf game. While these gameplay mechanics may feel a bit disorienting at first, they work incredibly well in the context of the game, adding quite a bit of depth to the overall experience.

Wizard Golf RPG is now available for download on the Canadian App Store. The game will be released globally next week, on January 9th.




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