America has frozen over, and now there’s nothing but an endless winter. Enter Winterstate, a real-time strategy game that has you commanding an elite squad known as the Runners. Each squad member drives a vehicle that is suited for different types of combat, and it’s up to you to lead them to victory! Knuckle Sam needs you, so let’s get started with our Winterstate cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go straight for the HQ!

On levels where you need to destroy the headquarters, it’s almost always best to just bum rush the HQ. When the level starts, the enemies will begin to move towards your position in different routes. Sometimes, they’ll take the long route and give you some time before they reach you. If you make a beeline for the HQ during this time, you’ll probably be able to take it out without any kind of opposition.

2. Position your vehicles!

The key to winning battles in this game is to make sure your vehicles are positioned correctly. The first vehicle you start out with is the Frostrailer, a light armored assault vehicle. Shortly after, you’ll unlock the Loadbeast, a heavily armored, slow tank unit. After that, you get the Cloudpuncher, a long range artillery mortar. Once you’ve gained these three vehicles, you’re set to take down your enemies. Firstly, you always want to make sure your loadbeast is taking the brunt of the fire. Have it charge into battle first, with the frostrailer trailing behind. Your cloudpuncher should be hanging behind those two, as it excels at long range attacks. Don’t let anything get too close to it, or else it’s doomed!

3. Build a balanced team!

From there on out, unlocking which vehicle next is completely up to you! Just like the aforementioned tip, vehicles come under different types.

  • Recon vehicles are lightweight, speedy cars. Good for flanking and scouting.
  • Armored vehicles are slow powerhouses that are best suited for the frontline, absorbing as much fire as possible.
  • Artillery vehicles prefer to stay at mid-range, showering your enemies with missiles from above!
  • Assault vehicles are well-balanced fighters. They should be right beside your armored vehicles as they attack.
  • Support vehicles are vehicles with special utility abilities. For example, the Utilimax can deploy combat drones to help attack your enemies, while the Educator can repair your other vehicles.

Unless you have a specific strategy, try to balance your team around by having no more than one vehicle per type!

4. Go for the flank!

Vehicles – yours included – take extra damage when hit in the rear. Take advantage of this! If you see slow moving vehicles coming for you, try sending a recon vehicles around an obstacle and flank them. They’ll take critical hits from rear attacks, but be careful that you don’t let the same happen to you! Always keep your face to your enemies and watch out for their flanks too.

5. Check the market!

As you capture more supply bases and earn more resources, your trading options improve. However, before you do trades, make sure you see what’s in demand and what’s not selling as well. As the Winterstate’s harsh climate changes, so does the demand. If an item has a red down arrow next to it, any selling done for that item will be done with reduced profit. Try to sell things only in demand!

That’s all for Winterstate. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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