Winterforts: Exiled Kingdom is a brand new strategy game that mixes some interesting elements to offer us an amazing experience. I am here to share with you a set of WinterForts cheats and tips for the ultimate strategy guide, because when it comes to a title that mixes Clash of Clans elements with Tower Defense mechanics, things are more complicated, but also more fun and a lot more interesting. If the game would be a bit more fast paced, things would be perfect!

But we’re not here to talk about the good and the bad things about WinterForts: Exiled Kingdoms, we are here to check out some WinterForts cheats and tips for the ultimate strategy guide!


Protect your Stronghold
The only thing you have to care about in this game is protecting your Stronghold. If that building is destroyed, all other resources are lost (or won, if you attack). But there are some nice mechanics that help you build a perfect stronghold defense relatively easy: troops follow roads to attack and you can make their trip long and tedious in order to protect the one building that matters. So let’s move on to…

WinterForts Base Building Tips
You have an unlimited number of roads to place and basically endless possibilities to do so. However, you need to remove snow blocks to access them, and that’s costly. Until we get there, here are some basic base building tips:

– there are four possible entry points in your base. Make sure that none leads directly to your Stronghold. Get twists and turns and other buildings in the way of incoming troops so that they find it the most difficult to get to the Stronghold
– Keep your Stronghold in the area of effect of the defensive buildings. Depending on your strategy, you might want to switch to keeping certain portions of the roads protected and ignore the Stronghold. Either way, a good idea is to keep all possible entrances to your Stronghold covered.
– Workers defend too! This is extremely important to remember! Even though the workers themselves won’t cause a lot of damage, they still fight in the battles and cause some damage and, most importantly, slow down the enemy.
– Work towards one long road: even though it will be difficult to have it, going for a spiral-like road is a great strategy, because the incoming troops will have a long way to walk and a ton of obstacles to get past. If you can also place your defensive towers in such a way that they are not in direct range of incoming troops, but they can attack them, it’s perfect!
– Always have trained troops in your base. They take part in your defense battles, and you must have them there if you want to make it harder for the enemy to win.

WinterForts Attacking Tips
When it comes to attacking other players, look for poorly built bases and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Remember that if you manage to take down a building, it will be replaced with a flag and you can place your troops there. Also, on many occasions, you can simply get past the defensive troops because they are not in the area of effect of the target building. Keep looking until you find an easy to beat base, but have profitability in mind as well! There’s no point attacking a base with no resources!

Search for treasure boxes for gems
They appear around your fort every now and then and help you get the needed gems for the third worker, which is extremely important. So don’t spend any gems on anything, just pile them up to get the required amount for the third worker. Alternately, you can take advantage of the early on offer for 300 gems at a special price.

Complete missions
You always have a set of active missions in the game, make sure to check them out and do your best to complete these missions. You will receive valuable rewards, including gems, which are vital for making things go faster on your base.

These would be for now our WinterForts cheats and tips. If you have other strategies that work, let us know by commenting below!



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