Winding Worlds Walkthrough: Tips & Cheats To Complete The Adventure

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Winding Worlds is a surreal adventure into an unknown mystery world. A young girl named Willow finds herself thrown across several different worlds, and she has no idea what is going on except for one constant thing: there is always someone who needs help. So, she sets off to do the thing she is best at: helping others.

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In our Winding Worlds walkthrough, we will take you through the entire game in case you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Here is our Winding Worlds tips and cheats walkthrough to complete the adventure!

Winds Of Change

Go over and talk to the distraught girl by the pinwheel. She tells you that her friend is stuck in the windmill, so she gives you the power box key. At the power box, swipe around to get through the wires. To shut off the power, you have to match the configuration that shows the X – horizontal swipes control the 1st and 3rd switches (from the top), and vertical swipes control the 2nd and 4th switches.

When Sophie tells you about Robort, swipe around to make the two hands meet. Get the ladder from inside Robort, then rebuild it. Then, you will have to move Robort around to all of the power lines that have blue sparks coming out on them. Use the windmill panes to rotate Willow around so that she can reach them.

Once you are done, return Robot and watch the tearful goodbye. A tunnel to the core of the planet will open, so go to it and call the elevator up by swiping. Match the dials to the lit up dots, and enter the elevator.

Lost Your Way

Captain Crabbo tells you the story of how he ended up stranded here. During the card game, make the arms with the green sleeves reach for the treasure first, then Crabbo, then the skeleton hands. Keep swiping right when the sea monster appears until you get a prompt on the broken pirate ship.

Climb up the lighthouse and interact with the pipes. You will need to swipe to make all of the pipes connect, then you can advance. Swipe horizontally to turn the wrenches to the left to unscrew the bolts, then swipe to turn each of three valves until the pipe is full.

Swipe vertically until all of the bulbs are upright, then swipe horizontally to move the flat bulb on. Fish the three map pieces from the sea floor, then move Crabbo to the moon to reunite him with his crew. A portal will open below Willow.

Hide & Seek

Examine the console, then the plushies will retreat into the ground. Swipe horizontally to make them come out with a coin, then repeat to get all four coins. Return to the console and swipe both ways to insert all four coins into the slot. Swipe both ways to reveal the red button and hit it.

Swipe horizontally to reveal the girl who just spoke. Ursa will retreat back into the plushies, so keep switching the plushies to find her. When you catch her, you will need to find her favorite bear lost in the plushie pile.

Head into the dark tunnel. Swipe until you see a big pair eyes get close, then spin the flashlight around to point it at the eyes and turn the flashlight on. You will find Ursa’s bear… his head, at least. You will need to spin around and find the other pieces.

After he is repaired, you two will need to find a way out. Ursa needs to find all pieces of the worm plushie to build a rope for Willow and Bearington. You will need rebuild Dr. Wormington just like you did with Bearington, and Ursa will climb down into the dark.

Bug In The System

Talk to Dr. Toni, then head over to the speaker system. Plug the pink and the green cords into the system. Use the console with the happy face to take control of the robot, then move Toni over to the speakers. The door to the dome will open.

To use the telescope, you will need to fix the lens. Line up the lens with the lines, and turn them until the wavelength turns the appropriate color. Take control of the telescope, then angle it as low as possible. Move Dr. Toni into the telescope’s rays to fry the badbugs.

Interact with the ant hill to take control of Robuddy’s arms. Navigate your way through the ant hill, taking care not to collide with any ants. Once you rescue Toni, go to the base and interact with the sleeping Toni to remove the badbug.

To activate Robuddy’s full power, you will need to fill up the bar by swiping with the controls. The badbug will throw a tantrum and ruin the ant hill, so you will need to head in once more to save them. Swipe up repeatedly to dig through all of the debris.

Hold Your Breath

Move the bubble over to Willow to put her inside of it, then move closer to the person to talk to them. After they kick you out, repeat the process to get back inside and learn a little more about them.

When controlling Roger’s ship, swipe to bring the asteroids closer to his ship to mine them. Break three asteroids to continue to the next part where you must connect the lines to the multiple arrows pointing forward. When he gets sucked into the black hole, move him up until he is close enough for the hole to engulf him.

Bring Willow over to the capsule in the bubble. Open the capsule, then bring the letter to Roger. Move all of the junk from Willow’s pockets out of way until you can grab the bobby pin to pop Roger’s bubble.

Knots & Loops

Talk to Tooty, then interact with the yellow switch to travel through time. Swipe all the way down to go back in time, where the well that Tooty was talking about existed. When Tooty is in the bucket, you must shine the light on the dark creatures. When they start to wiggle, swipe horizontally to make them retreat back into the walls.

Return to the yellow switch and set the time all the way back to the beginning with the vegetable garden. Water the beets then swipe up to pull from up from the ground. Now set the time back to where the laundry line exists.

The sock goes with the single clip. The blouse goes with the two clips far apart, and the shorts goes with the two clips close together. Then, change the time so that the house is replaced by a store. Swipe around until you can collect the fruit, bread, and milk.

Set the time to when the bus stop is operational. Move the traffic around until you can find gaps to squeeze through. Change the time so that the orange tree is huge and full of beautiful white flowers, then say goodbye to Tooty.


Control the alter ego Willow to any of the people who need help. To fix the broken planet, just rotate the pieces so that they sort of fit. It does not fit perfectly, but what could go wrong?

Go to any other person next, and you will be tasked with plugging the holes of a leaky planet. Pick up the rocks and cover up the holes, pointy side down. To complete the tetris puzzle, you will need to rotate the blocks so that they line up with the indents in the background. Willow will collapse after this ordeal, having strained her mental capacity to its breaking limit.

As w1LLOWw, move over to Willow and pick her up. After she regains consciousness, Willow can revisit all of the people she helped before she can truly help herself. Once you get to the end of the path, Willow’s adventure is complete.

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Winding Worlds Walkthrough: Tips & Cheats To Complete The Adventure

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