Will of D is a turn based strategy RPG that features characters based on the hit anime, One Piece! Become the king of pirates and recruit swashbucklers from all across the ocean. Build your crew, evolve your heroes, and follow the epic journey of the king of pirates! We’ll help you become the ultimate king with ourĀ Will of D cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use your special abilities often!

When your pirates fight in battle, they’ll charge their special gauge as they dish out and receive damage. You can tell how much they’ve charged by the yellow bar below their portrait at the bottom. Once they’re fully charged, a yellow glow will circle around them. Tap them to unleash their ougi, or special technique! These abilities are usually high damage attacks, so use them whenever you want!

2. Grab all the freebies!

  • The normal and daily events are found under the present icon with the “collect” under it. Here, you can collect various rewards for accomplishing in-game tasks, such as reaching a certain level or so. Don’t forget about the daily rewards either!
  • The server opening carnival event is a week long event. Check in here every day for the rest of this week to earn some awesome stuff!
  • The calendar icon holds your check-in rewards. Log in every day and you’ll be able to claim a new reward for each day.

Be sure to check in every day to claim all of your free stuff! It’ll help you progress through the game later.

3. Upgrade your favorites!

Your favorite pirates can be upgraded by sacrificing other pirates. With each level you complete, you’ll probably recruit some duplicate pirates. You can spend these extra pirates on leveling up the ones you use the most. Do this often as you’ll be constantly receiving new pirates, and you need to make sure your main team stays strong!

4. Advance!

Once a pirate has a high enough level, you can proceed with the next step: advancement! Advancement evolves the character further. Their appearance sometimes changes, they will gain new, powerful abilities or existing ones will be powered up, and more! Advancing provides a huge stat boost to a pirate, so once you’ve gotten enough Advance Gems and the proper auxiliary items, you should try to advance as soon as possible!

5. Draw the ability lines quick!

When you activate a character’s super special ability, you sometimes have to do a little “connect-the-dots” mini game. When you activate, prepare your finger and try to trace the line as fast as you can! Keep in mind that the more accurate you draw the line the more powerful your attack will be. Go swiftly but surely, as they say!

That’s all for Will of D. If you have any other pirating tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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