Wild Hearts: What Weapon Should You Choose? Answered

Wild Hearts: What Weapon Should You Choose? Answered

Many fans around the world are waiting for wild hearts, and it is almost here. One of the most exciting Wild Hearts systems revealed so far is weapons. Read this guide to find out what weapon you should choose in Wild Hearts.

What is The Best Weapon in Wild Hearts?

Choosing the best weapon significantly depends on your playstyle. At the moment of writing, there are only 10 confirmed weapons. Even though it is pretty challenging to estimate the effectiveness of them since the game is yet to be officially released, some weapons catch the eye even before the game’s release.

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The Claw Blade

The Claw Blade is a single-handed sword attached to your clutch with a chain. You can throw The Claw Blade and pull yourself to the enemy to deal tons of deadly attacks on him. If you learn to throw The Claw Blade perfectly, it will be impossible to dodge this move.

Karakuri Katana

Karakuri Katana is one of the first weapons revealed during a gameplay trailer. Karakuri Katana seems to be a classic katana which you can see in other video games. It is extremely fast and can deal tons of damage at short range.

Bladed Wagasa

Wagasa is the deadly umbrella that comes from Japanese culture. Bladed Wagasa can be used not only for attacking but also for defending. It seems to be the best alternative for classic weapons and shields. However, it is still pretty challenging to predict whether Wagasa will be powerful or not.

That’s it with choosing the best weapon in Wild Hearts. Even though we still don’t have the complete list of weapons with their stats, it seems that The Claw Blade, Karakuri Katana, and Bladed Wagasa will be the highest-tier weapons in Wild Hearts. And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our list of the best games like PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android.

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Wild Hearts: What Weapon Should You Choose? Answered


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