Serpent Flotation Cutis is a crafting and upgrade material in Wild Hearts that you must have in handy after reaching Chapter 2 to obtain certain gear and their upgrades to make your character combat-ready and capable of handling some of the dangerous Kemono that Wild Hearts main story abruptly throws at you. 

Similar to most of the items in Wild Hearts, you can obtain Serpent Flotation Cutis only after reaching a certain point in the game’s story and from a particular Kemono. As a result, many players fail to get Serpent Flotation Cutis, and their gear progression halts.

If you are one such player, keep reading our guide as we explain how you can get Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts.  

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How to Get Serpent Flotation Cutis In Wild Hearts

In Wild Hearts, you can get Serpent Flotation Cutis as a drop loot from Whipthrash Serpent once you reach Chapter 3 in the game’s main story.

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Thankfully, finding the Whipthrash Serpent in Wild Hearts is an easy task as they are Small Kemono whose locations you can easily filter using the game’s detailed map. They spawn in Natsukodachi Isle and Harugasumi Way and are easy to hunt down. 

The only prerequisite to obtaining the Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts is reaching Chapter 3. After that, killing Whipthrash Serpent will drop Serpent Flotation Cutis. And if you are yet to reach Chapter 3, killing the said mobs will not drop Serpent Flotation Cutis.

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That concludes our guide on how to get Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts. 

Wild Hearts is available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. For more on Wild Hearts, check out our dedicated Wild Hearts section. 

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Wild Hearts: How to Get Serpent Flotation Cutis


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