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Wild Brawlers Guide: Tips & Tricks To Brawling Like a Pro

Wild Brawlers Guide: Tips & Tricks To Brawling Like a Pro

Welcome to Wild Brawlers, the most chaotic battle royale shoot ’em up! Choose from a variety of anthropomorphic animals wielding the most powerful weaponry you have ever seen. Challenge players from all over the world in battle modes like Capture the Flag, Battle Square, and more!

In our Wild Brawlers tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of battle and how to survive your first match. We will give you some character recommendations and some tips on mastering the battle mechanics. Let’s get started with our Wild Brawlers tips and tricks strategy guide to brawling like a pro!

The Basics of Brawling

Every brawler in Wild Brawlers has a basic skill and a special skill, or SP skill. Your basic skill is basically your auto attack, and you use it to generate energy for your SP skill. Brawlers’ SP skills are very powerful, but they require energy before they can be used. Taking and dealing damage will also charge up energy.

Every brawlers’ basic skill has ammo, and you can see how much ammo you have indicated by the yellow bars below your health bar. The more you attack, the faster your ammo will drain, but it will regenerate over time. Make sure you do not run out of ammo in the middle of a brawl!

Keep an eye on your health as you fight. If you get low on health, try to retreat – your health will automatically start regenerating once you leave combat. If your SP skill moves you around, you can use it as an escape maneuver.

Environmental Hazards and Helpers

Each battlefield has a unique layout. Look around the maps and you may notice some tiles that stand out compared to the rest.

A large portion of the maps are usually covered in tall grass or bushes of some sort. If you walk into these grassy tiles, your brawler will be hidden from enemies. They will only see you if they get close to you in the grass themselves, or if you attack.

You can take advantage of tall grass by hiding in them and ambushing enemies when they get close, or you can duck into them when things start getting hairy. There is a good chance you will be able to trick your opponent and lose them in the tall grass!

In addition to the tall grass tiles, there are also hazards that you must watch out for. Certain levels have water tiles that slow you down, while others have lava tiles that will just outright hurt you should you walk over them. Be careful of these tiles, and try to force your opponents to step on them!

Choosing Your Brawler

There are currently 21 brawlers for you to choose from as of writing this guide. The brawlers are broken down into four categories: fighters, flankers, gunners, and supports. Which one will you choose?

Fighters are brawlers who love a good close quarters brawl. Sporting typically higher HP than normal, these bulky brawlers are perfect for the frontline of your team. They do not deal that much damage, but their SP skills often come with debuffs that impair your opponents, letting your teammates pick them off.

Flankers are opportunistic brawlers that prefer to catch their targets off guard, rather than charging them headfirst. They have very high damaging basic and SP skills, but they are rather fragile so you must be careful when playing as them. Choose your battles wisely, and you can bring down the entire team!

Gunners are long range brawlers that can lay constant pressure upon their enemies thanks to their extended attack range. They deal constant damage over time as long as they remain out of harm’s way. They are fragile just like Flankers are, so be sure to keep your distance while keeping your targets in gunning range.

Supports are the backbone of any team. They have decent HP and basic skill power, but their real power lies within their SP skills. Many Supports have SP skills that can heal their allies or buff them in certain ways, so they can pull their allies out of potentially bad situations!

Choose the Right Mastery Skills

Throughout a match, you will be presented with two mastery skills that pop up at the top right corner of the screen. These mastery skills grant you passive bonuses that can help your brawler out, like increased basic skill damage, increased movement speed, increased reload speed, as so on.

Your selection of mastery skills is seemingly chosen at random, but you can see a full list of the possible mastery skills on the main menu. Make sure you pick a mastery that amplifies your brawler’s specialty!

Complete the Victory Path

Every time you compete in a match, you will earn crowns, win or lose. These crowns will be added to your “Victory Path,” which is basically a tracker for how far you are progressing into the game.

As you reach certain parts of the Victory Path, you will unlock a variety of goodies, including awesome rewards like new brawlers and pets. The Victory Path is essential to making sure that you have enough resources to enjoy all aspects of the game.

Be sure to check in every now and then after you win a few matches. You have to manually claim each reward, and who knows – there might be a new brawler waiting for you to unlock. In fact, the Victory Path will help you unlock some of the most essential brawlers to have!

Recommend Beginner Brawlers

When you first start out, the game will allow you to choose between two brawlers: Jack and Grant. Grant is a fighter type while Jack is a flanker type. Do not worry because you will be able to get whoever you did not choose pretty quickly, as it is the second reward on the Victory Path.

For fighter types, you will start out with Grant. Grant has a pretty high HP pool, and his basic attack is easy to use. Grant spins his giant wrench all around him, damaging any enemies caught in the whirlwind. His SP skill lets him leap to a targeted location, and any enemies caught in the impact zone will be knocked back.

His high HP combined with his SP skill lets him dive right into brawls and dish out some good damage. If things get hairy, he can also use his SP skill to escape. His movement versatility is why we recommend him as a good fighter type brawler.

For gunner types, we recommend Scarlett. You will get her shards early on, and she is a very reliable gunner. Her basic skill shots three poison bullets out, and these can damage enemies over time. Her SP skill spread a poison zone in a targeted location, and any enemies who are caught in it will receive heavy damage over time. Her only downside is that her HP pool is very low, so make sure you play smart with her.

For flanker types, you know we have to go with Jack. This little owl soldier boy can deal insane damage if played properly. His basic skill shoots a shotgun, and the closer you are to your target, the more they will feel the pain. Try to ambush your opponents, and if things look bad his SP skill can repel enemies away if they get hit by a blast.

For support types, we recommend Laura, who you unlock at 240 crowns on the Victory Path. She can deal a surprising amount of damage because her basic skill pierces through enemies, and her SP skill heals her whole team for a lot of health. Hang back and poke foes from afar with her basic skill, and use her SP skill to keep allies in the fight.

Leveling up Brawlers

After a match, you will be awarded with tokens. Once you have enough tokens you can open one of the chests on the main menu, and you will get a random assortment of brawler shards. Shards are used to unlock brawlers, and if you have them already you can use shards to upgrade them.

When you have enough duplicate shards, you can pay a small gold fee to upgrade your brawler. Their HP, basic and SP skill power will increase, making them stronger in the long run. If you can manage to level up a brawler all the way to level 9, they will unlock a powerful passive skill that further amplifies their strengths.

These passive skills can really help secure kills or improve your chances of survival. For example, Jack the owl’s passive makes it so that his SP skill slows down enemy movement speed when they are hit by it. Be sure to level up your favorite brawlers as much as possible!

Using Pets

In addition to brawler shards, you may also receive pet shards from time to time. A brawler can equip up to three pets to bring with them into battle, and pets will grant passive bonuses to help you out on the battlefield.

Their bonuses are small, but they can come handy in a pinch. To level up a pet and increase the bonuses they grant, you must do the same thing with brawlers: get enough duplicate shard of the pet you want to level. However, pets cost valuable gold bars to level them up, so level up your pets wisely!

That’s all for Wild Brawlers! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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