Why You Can Get Banned in Roblox and How to Remove Ban


A Roblox ban can be issued if a player violates the Roblox community rules, such as using cheats, creating 18+ materials, being racist, using someone else’s credit card without permission, insulting other players, and engaging in fraud or spam. Also, the account can be banned at the request of the parents, if, for example, their child spends too much time in the gam.

Why You Can Get Banned in Roblox

At the moment, you can get banned for the following:

  • Adult content
  • Ban evasion
  • Cheat and exploits
  • Exploitation of children
  • Rewarding dangerous behavior
  • Dating and Romance Content
  • Off-Platform User Referral/Off-Site Links
  • Discriminatory
  • The pursuit
  • Spam
  • Abuse of Roblox Systems
  • Phishing/Scam
  • privacy violation
  • Profanity
  • Real tragedy
  • Unauthorized payments/fees (or refund)
  • Fraud
  • [filtered] Content
  • Extortion and blackmail
  • Privacy: Request PII
  • Illegal and Regulated Content
  • Leakage of personal information
  • Sexual Content
  • False Prohibitions
  • Bulk reporting
  • Complaints from other players
  • At the request of parents

How to Bypass and Remove the Ban in Roblox

It is possible to bypass the ban in Roblox, even if you have received a lifetime ban by ip and cannot even enter the roblox.com website.

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How to Bypass IP Ban

In order to bypass the ip ban, you need to use a proxy server that will change your ip address and location. To do this, you need to download a VPN program to your PC or phone. To date, there are hundreds of different VPNs that can be installed as a program, application, or even a browser plugin.

How to Bypass a Regular Ban

You can try to bypass or even remove the usual ban using the technical support contact form or write an email to [email protected] This is in case you received a ban of the entire account.

If you received a ban inside some specific game, you need to write to the creator of this game. Contacts of the creators can usually be found in the description of the game.

When you write to support, do not be negative. Be polite and apologize if you are really guilty and violated the rules of the game. Describe what prompted you to this behavior and that you will no longer break the rules of the game.

In most cases, the author removes the ban. Appeal responses may take some time, from 12 hours to 7 days, so be patient.

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Why You Can Get Banned in Roblox and How to Remove Ban


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