Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set in a sublime utopian world, Facility 3826, where the protagonist, Major Comrade Sergei Nechaev, aka P-3, is tasked to stop a certain person responsible for the Robots that went haywire.

The game has received an excellent critical reception, despite some drama and boycotts, but many players find the protagonist unbearable and annoying. To give you a bit more of context on why people consider Nechaev annoying, here is why the Atomic Heart protagonist is so annoying. 

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Why is the Atomic Heart protagonist so annoying?

Players consider Atomic Heart protagonist, Nechaev, annoying for a variety of reasons, including the ton of curse words he often shouts out loudly during most interactions, his continuous banter with his glove companion, a tidbit of lousy writing, and his egoistic nature. 

But the fact that many consider Nechaev annoying is a highly personal opinion. During our playthrough, we started with the English voiceover, and Nechaev felt like a protagonist similar to Deacon St. John, from Days Gone, with a little more shouting and curse words. 

However, as you play through the game, the voice acting and the interactions grow on us. Especially when Nechaev interacts with Nora.

Moreover, if you switch the audio from English to Russian, you will find Nechaev is not that annoying a protagonist. Similar to any game, much of Atomic Heart’s dialogues and interaction quality is affected when you don’t play it in its native language, which in this case is Russian. 

So, if you find Nechaev annoying, we recommend switching to the Russian voiceover or lowering the dialogue volume and giving him another chance. But if you are a player who doesn’t like Nechaev’s personality, sadly, there’s nothing we can do. 

That concludes our guide on why many find the Atomic Heart protagonist annoying. 

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more news, guides, and features, check out our section dedicated to the game.

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Why is the Atomic Heart Protagonist so Annoying? Answered


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