Why Am I getting an Error in Heardle


Wordle has gotten so ridiculously popular that many clones and variations have started popping up. One such clone, Heardle, is basically the music version of Wordle—players are given a small snippet of a song, and they must guess the song’s name correctly within six hints. If you tried to play Heardle today, you may have received an error. We’ll explain the error in full in today’s Heardle guide!

Why am I getting an Error in Heardle?

Many fans of Heardle were confused today, as upon trying to play the game, they were greeted with this error:

“Oh no! For some reason today’s track is blocked on SoundCloud where you are. We’re really sorry, but it’s out of our control. We do want Heardle to be for everyone, thanks for your patience and playing with us so far!”

To understand this error, first we need to explain a few things. Heardle pulls all of its songs from SoundCloud, a popular music service that abides by the usual copyright laws. What this means essentially is that any artist can prevent their song from being played in certain parts of the world.

If Heardle is blocked by a copyright request, then they cannot access the song, which results in the error seen by many today. Like the error says, there isn’t much the Heardle developers can do about the matter, as they probably weren’t aware of the copyright block until the song was already used for today’s song.

So, that’s why you got an error if you tried to play Heardle today. Hopefully we’ll get an accessible song tomorrow! If you have any other questions about Heardle, let us know in the comments below!

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Why Am I getting an Error in Heardle


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