Who Stole Me? Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Bright, colorful and friendly forest creatures are captured by an evil robot! Hurry and free them and find out who’s behind this menacing scheme! Who Stole Me? is a match-3 puzzle game much like Candy Crush or Bejeweled. This one is more focused on precision rather than speed, though. We’ll help you find the big bad behind all of this with our Who Stole Me? cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Keep in mind that much like Candy Crush Saga, there is an element of randomness to this game, which means that sometimes you just won’t be able to beat a level because lady luck didn’t side with you that time. We’ll try to circumvent that to the best of our ability with Touch Tap Play’s Who Stole Me? cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Take your time! Don’t be speedy!

Unlike a lot of other match-3 puzzlers, Who Stole Me? doesn’t have a timer of any sort. The only condition to clearing a stage is meeting the freed pet quota. So, you should slow down, plan ahead, and make sure every move counts. You’re not being judged on how fast you can clear the stage, so think carefully about which bubbles you pop!

2. Aim for long chains!

If you pop a chain of at least 8 bubbles, you’ll make a bomb bubble! Tapping these bombs will pop all the bubbles surrounding it in a moderate blast radius. If you pop a chain of at least 10 bubbles, you’ll form a rainbow bubble! If you match this rainbow bubble with any other bubble, all bubbles currently on the screen that match the color of the normal bubble will pop! These special bubbles are very handy so try to make as many of them as you can.

3. Take advantage of the cross bubble!

If you have four similar colored bubbles next to each other in a box shape and you pop them in a “U” formation, you’ll create a cross bubble. Tapping these will fire off a large + that covers the whole screen! Anything caught in the blast is immediately popped. These are extremely useful for clearing pets trapped in ice or jelly that are out of range of your other bubbles. In fact, I’ve counted several times where these bubbles have saved the entire round for me. They’re great! The problem is that the system that detects if they’re “box” enough to form them is a little bit finicky. Ideally, the four bubbles must be close to at least being a perfect box. If you drag and hold, you’ll see a little faded + appear next to your finger if your current selection is a valid + combination. If you want to cancel your current selection just drag far away.

4. Combine the cross bubble with the rainbow bubble and bomb bubble for devastating effects!

If you match a cross bubble with a rainbow bubble, crosses will fire off all over the screen, pretty much ensuring you a full screen clear. This almost always guarantees you a win for the level, so try to make this combo if possible. If you combine the cross bubble with a bomb bubble, almost the same effect occurs, where explosions go off over the whole screen. Bottom line, if you’re able to match a cross bubble with any of the other special bubbles, you’re going to score big!

5. Be sure to use your daily free spin and cinema!

After you clear level 8, the spinner becomes available. You can get anything from power ups to diamonds by spinning. After level 11, the cinema opens up. You can watch a trailer here for another game and afterwards you’re rewarded with a diamond. Both of these have a 15 hour cool down, so be sure to come back the next day for your daily amount of goodies!

That should cover everything. Like other match-3 puzzle games, sometimes luck just isn’t on your side and defeat in inevitable. It’s okay though, because you just have to keep trying. Have fun, and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Who Stole Me? Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. When you beat level 32, why do you have it so that we have to pay cash to keep playing? That just ruins the whole game. Please fix that so the people can keep playing your game without paying money just I keep playing it. Thank you.

  2. Please, anybody beaten stage 83? It’s way to hard, been trying it more than a 1000 times and no closer than 100 out of 112 pets freed. The game ai is ridiculous in arranging the balls.

  3. I did level 83 yeahhhhhh I did it hahahaha you keep on trying but I I I I am already out of it hahahahaha I did it you got it? Did daddy do it? No he didn’t it was meeee! I did it :)

  4. I get the extra lives on the free spin but I never get the extra life when playing? Is there a trick to get those lives? I hate wasting the spin and landing on the heart.

  5. I want to know how to get 3 stars on 38- I cleared it in 3 moves: rainbow/rainbow/rainbow+rainbow. Gor 2 stars. How can you possibly clear 3 different color of jellies under 6 layers of rock with less than 3 moves???

  6. Trick to level 38 – rainbow+cross, either yellow, green or blue only. Red and purple won’t work.

    Having trouble with 70, sometimes the bubbles just don’t move. Anyone have the trick for the flow?

  7. Don’t get level 109. How are you supposed to clear the 3 bombs, when you’re out of business after just 5 combinations (or 10 if you’re lucky)?

    • You have to eliminate the bombs in order (top, middle, bottom), since you have a limited amount of moves for each one. I beat it in like 5 combinations by making the cross bombs and eliminating the bombs that way.

    • Level 100 is a tough bastard.
      Is it 800 animals in 60 moves? Thats almost 14 animals in every move, which You need to have in mind.
      Make the cirkle bombs as close to the center as possible (max 18 bubbles I think), and the cross boosters as close to the top – and centered.
      Off cause double rainbows are great, but I dont think tripples does any difference.
      As I remember, I spend quite a few pins and paintbrushes beating it.
      Today I use level 100 to make a crystal from making the daily cirkel…
      Have a nice day mate..!

  8. Hi guys,
    I have been playing this game and am now on a quest at level 178. I clocked it before and now they updated with some new levels….

    Reading the comments above im shocked at the difficult people are facing, trust me the key is long chains and combine with bomb or cross.

    U will eventually do it and understand how to do it strategically.

    Hope u guys do well..

    The reason i am on here is because i want to know how to get the three leaf on the spinner is there any logical way of doing it i.e put the arrow 5 steps away from the leaf and then spin…..helppp

    • I have no idea of what the 3 clovers on the wheel are for. Maybee it’s a matter of hitting it 3 times in a sequense, i dont know.
      Whats more important, I think, is that the “time to next spin” chances over time. I just went back to the game, after 36 mins to next spin, and then there were 55 mins.
      Off course, they’re interested i as most “in app purchases” as possible, but this is cheating, just like the gravity change, when bottles are involved…

  9. When I get to 25 moves left on level 109 it says I have no more moves left. I have 25!!! So instead of 39 moves you ou get 5!! I’ve lost 4 lives so far & im super irritated!

  10. I’m now at level 191 and I don’t even know how I got here but I have no clue how to even play this one …. anyone with some words of wisdom lol

  11. I am stuck on level 94. The only way I can see to achieve it is by saving 60 crystals to keep playing. I get two a day – one from the cinema, and one from playing level 21 until I get the daily circle. Painful. Does anyone know what the hearts are good for? They seem to fluctuate and I have no idea why.


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