Who is the Shaman and How to Unlock Him in Soul Knight

shaman soul knight

Soul Knight is an 8-Bit game from ChillyRoom Inc where players explore dungeons, discover magical items, and battle foes. There are many different characters to meet in this battle adventure game, some of whom are more dangerous than others. Some of the people you meet along the way can be pretty useful and are willing to aid you by using their special skill. The Shaman is one of these helpful NPCs you meet along the way. Find out more about him below.

All About the Shaman and Where to Find Him

The Shaman is an NPC you meet in the Magic Area, a room south of the Living Room. This room can only be unlocked once you have reached 1-5. In this room, you will find The Valkyrie guarding the Boss Rush Mode area, the Ancient Portal which takes you to The Origin, a Holy Statue, the Archaeologist, and The Shaman.

magic area soul knight
The Magic Area in Soul Knight (via ChillyRoom Inc)

A pop-up will appear when you interact with the Shaman, and he offers to make you some jewelry. You can get him to make jewelry as long as you have done the tower defense mode (The Origin). The required blueprints (or fragments) can only be obtained in this mode.

soul knight shaman
Shaman in Soul Knight

Once you have the blueprints or blueprint fragments you need, the Shaman will craft the required jewelry. There are 9 types of jewelry altogether:

Jewelry NameEffect
Frosty RingDeals increased damage (1 from every source) to frozen enemies
Fluorite RingDeal increased damage (25%) to enemies when dealing a critical hit. Cooldown of 3-4s.
Diamond AmuletDaze monsters around you (2-tile radius) when armor is broken.
Jade RingChance to drop energy orbs when you lose HP, or HP orbs when you consume energy.
Witch TotemProjectiles summoned by the skill deal higher damage to enemies. (Elf, Taoist, or Vampire only)
Wolfbite AmuletPets summoned by the skill increase defense of the character. Pets take the offset damage. (Druid and Necromancer only)
Flying Feather RingDeal higher damage as movement speed increases. (Assassin, Rogue, or Taoist only)
Balrog BonesProjectiles can apply fire or poison every 18 shots/swings.
Crusader’s EmblemDeal increased damage when in the armor state. (Paladin, Priest, Elf, and Taoist only)

Good luck!

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Who is the Shaman and How to Unlock Him in Soul Knight


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