Home Game Guides Who is the Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered

Who is the Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered

Who is the Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered
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When it comes to games, it’s often the DPS characters that get attention, but what about the characters that keep those damage dealers alive? Healer characters are just as important if not more. They have vital skills that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are many good healers, but one stands out from the rest. This game is an action adventure gacha with characters themed after sweet treats, many of whom have downright adorable designs, including the healers. Above all, this is the best healer in Cookie Run Kingdom.

The Lore Behind Pure Vanilla Cookie

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Sometimes, when it comes to flavors, simplicity is the greatest thing. This is why things like sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream are incredibly popular. This is represented in the idea behind Pure Vanilla Cookie. His lore is straightforward, his design safe, yet he is the best healer in terms of skills and build.

How To Use Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Attacks

Pure Vanilla Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom.

Pure Vanilla Cookie’s powers include an HP shield, repairing injuries, resisting demerits, and increasing the power of other units. His wide variety of skills make him an excellent asset to use for any team. Pure Vanilla will work well as the support for most units in the game, though he will particularly work well when paired to boost a DPS or defend a unit with low durability.

Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Skills

All cookies have one main skill that has many different uses. Pure Vanilla Cookie’s is called Love & Peace. When activated, it lasts for about 15 seconds. These are the skills that come into power when Love & Peace is activated.

  • The HP Shield will temporarily block HP, and depending on the outcome, HP may be restored for a short period of time.
  • The Injury Alleviation will recover half of HP.
  • Pure Vanilla’s passive skill is a debuff resist, which prevents characters from being hit with demerits.
  • Amplify Buff will temporarily raise powers by a quarter of 100 percent.

Hopefully, this helped to improve your understanding of how to use Pure Vanilla Cookie. For more coverage on Cookie Run Kingdom, follow us at Touch Tap Play!

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Who is the Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


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