Who is the Best Charge Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? – Answered

Dark Choco Guide in Cookie Run: Kingdom | How to Get and Play

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most popular mobile RPGs nowadays, allowing players to rule over the Cookie Kingdom and command different Cookies. There are many classes of characters that you need to put in your squad, and one of these is called Charge Cookie, the frontline attackers. This guide will tell you who is the best Charge Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The Best Charge Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Charge Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom are damage-dealing characters that are tanky enough to stand in the frontline. They are an alternative to tanks, who guard their team and take a huge amount of damage. Charge Cookies are focused on dealing damage and debuffing opponents, so they are aggressive characters good for direct strategies.

There are a few Charge Cookies that you can get in this game, so it may be a difficult task to pick the best one. However, most of the players in the game’s community will tell you that the best Charge Cookie in the game is named Dark Choco Cookie.

Dark Choco Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a dark warrior that wears black armor, a black cape, and holds a big two-handed sword in his hands. He is a strong attacker with good stats, and he can kill a large number of enemies on his own. His ability is called Sword of Darkness, and it is able to damage all the enemies in front of him with a lightning strike. It also reduces the opponents’ defense.

Even though Dark Choco Cookie is an epic character, it is relatively easy to obtain him. All the materials that are required to add this character to your collection are present in different trading offers of event shops.

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Who is the Best Charge Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? – Answered


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