Who is the Best Bachelor in Rune Factory 5

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Many players around the world love dating sim-style games. But what if you combine it with a great RPG? The answer is very simple – you will get Rune Factory 5. This game, in addition to an exciting storyline and various activities, can offer the player marriage. And in this guide, we will tell you who is the best Bachelor.

Who is the Best Bachelor

All daily life in Rune Factory 5 will take place in the town of Rigbarth. And the search for romantic relationships is no exception. In total, throughout their gaming journey, players will be able to meet 12 relationship candidates, 6 bachelorettes, and 6 bachelors.

Each character is unique, has its story and preferences. However, the way and difficulty of starting a relationship with them are more or less the same. The process is very simple. Players must talk to a character they want to be friends with every day. And also you need to give him or her suitable gifts. After you raise the friendship level to the maximum, you can start a romantic relationship with the character. We offer two candidates who are the best couples for a relationship.

The first one is Martin. Players will meet this blacksmith at the very beginning of the game. And this means that you can make friends with him as soon as you start playing. You will have to give him scraps, fruits, and minerals. We also recommend giving him a Star Pendant for his birthday. And in no case do not give him mushrooms, it will end badly, believe us.

And the second candidate is Priscilla. She is a nice resident of the town of Rigbarth that you will also meet at the beginning of the game. She is very fond of sweets, so you can give her cheesecake, hot chocolate, hot milk, and apple pie. Also, if you get the Cake recipe, you can craft one of Priscilla’s favorite items. And she does not like fish and mushrooms, so stock up on sweets before going to her.

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Who is the Best Bachelor in Rune Factory 5


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