Who is Mordecai in Raid: Shadow Legends

Who is Mordecai in Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is an incredibly popular fantasy RPG. Players fight exciting battles against various enemies, bosses, and also players. For battles, players use teams from various champions. Each champion is unique and has special skills. And in this guide, we want to tell you about Mordecai.

Who is Mordecai 

Mordecai is an epic champion who belongs to The Sacred Order faction. He plays the role of support and is perfect for the Dungeon. This champion can spread Burn on enemies, so he will be a very valuable support for almost any team. Especially if you want to easily pass stage 16-20. Mordecai also has skills that allow him to control the turn counter. He is not a very strong damage dealer, but he helps other damage dealers very well. Here is a list of his skills:

  • The first skill is called Purgatory. Mordecai attacks one enemy and can reduce their turn meter by 30% with a 10% chance. However, if that enemy has an HP Burn debuff, then the chance is increased to 60%.
  • The second skill is called Time’s Undoing. Mordecai restores all allies for 15% of their turn meter and also has a 75% chance to reduce the turn meter for 15% of all enemies.
  • The third skill is called Heavenly Flames. Mordecai increases the ATK of all allies by 50% for three turns. It can also inflict HP Burn on all enemies with a 75% chance for two turns.
  • The aura increases the ACC of allies by 40.

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Who is Mordecai in Raid: Shadow Legends


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