Who is Haddie Kaur in Dead by Daylight

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One of the best aspects of Dead By Daylight is the lore and characters involved. The game itself is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer where 4 Survivors must fix generators and escape before they are sacrificed to the Entity by the Killer. Each character has their own tragic and/or horrific back story, each held within The Archives.

Within The Archives, players can complete Tomes full of challenges that reward them with Bloodpoints, and unlock memories connected with the characters. These memories can be narrated by The Observer when opened, allowing the player to learn more about the Lore of Dead By Daylight. Haddie Kaur is a Dead By Daylight character, first mentioned in these Tomes in February 2021.

According to DBDLeaks on Twitter, Haddie has been named as the new Survivor due to be added in the Dead By Daylight 6th Anniversary Chapter coming up soon. The leaks suggest Haddie will have the ability to blind the Killer with her perk, while the new Killer may be able to interact with lockers and pallets! This is pretty exciting news.

Who is Haddie Kaur?

We first hear of Haddie Kaur, the Indian Psychic Investigator, in Tome VI – Divergence, when The Observer is telling the tales within ‘In Search of Things Lost.’ Haddie’s story explains how she uses her psychic abilities to investigate the massacre of British soldiers in a cave called ‘Valley of Evil Eyes.’ She fights a monster with red eyes and sharp teeth, and uncovers a column hidden by cloaked figures.

dead by daylight tome vi
Tome VI in Dead By Daylight

Haddie turns up once again in Tome VII – Forsaken, where she travels to Turkey and finds a casket inscribed with a crescent moon symbol. The casket is then opened by a woman from a secret society who becomes possessed by a dark mist, becoming a vampire who can only be killed when Haddie draws the mysterious crescent moon symbol onto its face.

dead by daylight tome vii
Tome VII in Dead By Daylight

Tome VIII Deliverance has Haddie travel to New York to discover who her benefactor is, and uncovers a government conspiracy. Her benefactor reveals he wishes to use the overlap between realities for scientific discoveries.

dead by daylight tome viii
Tome VIII in Dead By Daylight

We see Haddie again in Tome X – SAW, but this time she is older and apparently ground down by her experiences. She tries to recruit another to help her save people from The Entity.

dead by daylight tome X
Tome X in Dead By Daylight

Keep an eye out for new Tomes, as Haddie’s stories may yet turn up again.

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Who is Haddie Kaur in Dead by Daylight


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