Who is Grim in Disney Twisted Wonderland

Image via Walt Disney

Grim is a monster who has aspirations of becoming a great mage. He consumes everything in his sight. His carelessness and nonchalant attitude lead him and the main character into unfortunate situations. Personal information about Grim is shrouded in mystery, such as his age and hometown.

Appearance and Personality

Grim very closely resembles a cat. His fur is grey in color, with a white patch at his chest along with pink paw pads, coupled with stylized electric blue flames blazing from his ears. His eyes are bright blue as well. Around his neck, he wears a black-and-white striped bow tie which is torn at the ends; it also bears a light purple gemstone that rests against his chest. His tail is shaped like a pitchfork.

The prefect had the immediate initial impression that Grim is a devilish troublemaker who causes mischief and mayhem wherever he goes, which is definitely the case. Grim is shown to be narcissistic and proud, often bragging about his incredible magical abilities. Grim is also very driven about his goals and desires, even burning down the welcoming ceremony hall to show off his magic in an attempt to get accepted into NRC at one point.

As is typical of a cat, Grim is also very curious and attention-seeking. He is often shown to enjoy teasing the people around him, most notably the player, Deuce, Ace, and similar characters close to Grim. As the story continues, Grim starts to enjoy the company of his friends, as well as the prefect.

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Who is Grim in Disney Twisted Wonderland


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