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Who Is Daniel Page in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Who Is Daniel Page in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?
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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a breath of fresh air in the rich and vast world of Harry Potter-inspired media. The game looks visually stunning, and the gameplay itself is fun and immersive, combining elements of card-based combat and RPG exploration. A special treat is a fact that the plot events are set 10 years after the ending of the Harry Potter series, with flashbacks and references to our beloved characters as well as new faces and stories that will keep you glued to your mobile screen.

One of the new characters created just for the game is Daniel Page, another first-year student who accompanies your avatar on numerous adventures and can be one of your companions in combat. But who exactly is Daniel Page in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened? Let’s dive into what we know about this shy potion master.

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Who is Daniel Page in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened?

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Daniel Page is a Hogwarts student who starts his magical education alongside your character in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, in the same house where you get placed. He has unruly hair that falls over his face, which goes hand in hand with his reclusive personality. Daniel’s favorite topic and subject at Hogwarts is Potions, and he is showing a lot of promise in that area.

As you progress through the main story in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you uncover that Daniel’s childhood was not very happy, which explains his personality. His father and a Squib brother were involved in illegal activities and ended up in Muggle jail, and when his witch mother tried to help with magic, she was sentenced to Azkaban. Those events led to the nickname The Bloody Pages for his whole family, a lot of teasing and bullying, and Daniel’s growing resentment towards the Ministry of Magic, which explains why Daniel sought solitude so often.

However, Daniel Page becomes a loyal and valuable member of your character’s friend group. He is especially attached to Robyn Thistlethwaite and Ivy Warrington. His main interests at Hogwarts are Potions and The Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Daniel Page card in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Daniel Page is also one of the companion cards that you can equip in fights and duels as you play Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. It is a Rare card that is used, first and foremost, for its healing capabilities. When you use the card and summon Daniel, he restores your and your allies’ health in the targeted area and then continues to heal you at the expense of his health bar. Now, if that doesn’t prove how good of a friend Daniel is, nothing will.

We hope you have fun discovering more about Daniel Page as you play the main campaign in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. If you need more assistance with this amazing mobile game, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Harry Potter: Magic Awakened section!

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Who Is Daniel Page in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?