Who is Cheka in Disney Twisted Wonderland

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Cheka is not part of the main cast, but is one of the supporting characters in Disney Twisted Wonderland. His full name is Cheka Kingscholar, and he is the son of Farena Kingscholar, King of Afterglow Savannah, and Leona Kingscholar’s nephew.

Appearance and Personality

Cheka is a small boy with light brown skin. He dons short red hair with yellow tips, and has large brown eyes and a pair of lion ears. He wears a yellow tunic with a triangle pattern around the collar and brown pants. Around his neck, he shows off a beaded necklace (with a feather and a GPS tracker attached) and bracelet. His sandals are an intense green color with the same triangle patterns.

Like most other children, Cheka is very playful, cheerful, and quite oblivious. He seems to truly love his uncle, but is oblivious to the fact that Leona doesn’t feel the same way about him.

You can see more bits of Cheka’s personality through Episodes 2-30. Cheka is first seen after he found his uncle. He approached Leona in a playful way and this is where he was revealed to be Leona’s nephew. Due to Cheka calling Leona “Oji-tan,” other students make fun of Leona for it, which constantly annoys Leona.

Cheka, being the son of Farena Kingscholar, King of Afterglow Savannah, is destined to take the throne after Farena steps back.

Cheka’s entire character is based on Simba, the famous lion protagonist of Disney’s 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King

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Who is Cheka in Disney Twisted Wonderland


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