Who is Cater Diamond in Disney Twisted Wonderland


Disney Twisted Wonderland is an interesting RPG with a great storyline. The player will find themself as a student at Night Raven College, where many different characters study magic. Each character has their own unique story that players will learn as they progress through the game. In this guide, we will tell you about Cater Diamond.

Who is Cater Diamond?

Cater Diamond is a student from Heartslabyul Dorm. He is a young man, 176 cm tall, with pale skin and orange hair. He also has a small red diamond painted on his right cheek. His form looks similar to his Dorm and consists of red, white, and black colors. Cater loves to go to different cafes. He monitors new trends in social networks, and because of this, he constantly uses slang.

Cater Diamond has two sisters. According to him, they are a little unreasonable and constantly boss him around. He does not like to return home, because his sisters are always waiting for him there. Whatever he did, they judged how cute it was, and therefore he often had to redo everything. His sisters also constantly gave him many useless gifts for his birthday, such as perfumes, dolls, etc. But lately, Cater’s sisters have begun to pay more attention to their brother’s wishes.

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Cater also hates sweets because of the occasion of his 10th birthday, when his sisters and mother baked a lot of sweets. The sisters asked him to eat everything and he could not refuse them so as not to upset them.

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Who is Cater Diamond in Disney Twisted Wonderland


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