Who is Bedivere in Fate/Grand Order

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Bedivere, who possesses the class name Saber, is a Saber-class Servant who ends up being summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Order of Fate/Grand Order.


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The first member of the Knights of the Round Table, the Bedivere of Fate/Grand Order is an alternate possibility to that of Fate/Stay Night, wherein he hasn’t returned Excalibur before Artoria dies.

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This Bedivere lived as “if he did not return King Arthur’s holy sword”, and King Arthur died. As atonement, he kept on living for a long time for the sake of “returning the holy sword this time for sure”, and eventually ran out of strength at Avalon. Not an actual Heroic Spirit, but rather a human from the distant past, he is granted power enough to battle the Knights of the Round Table by Merlin.

Appearance and Personality

Over 10 kg of his entire weight is attributed to his silver arm, with the rest somewhat distributed throughout the armor on his body. His outfit/armor possesses a silver/blue color scheme. He dons long blond hair tied up from the back while flashing deep blue eyes

Bedivere is very loyal to his king, almost to a fault, as he often puts her well-being over his own. He does not see himself as serving the country, but simply as serving the king for the sole reason that she holds a royal position. Even while the other knights drifted awat from the queen due to her inhumanity and lack of emotion, Bedivere only took pride in it while remaining loyal throughout Mordred’s rebellion.

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Who is Bedivere in Fate/Grand Order


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