I absolutely love games like Who Can Get 11 because they make you think and they do keep you busy for long time (at least they do if you are somewhat good at it). However, even though the concept of the game itself is pretty straightforward, mastering such a game and actually beating it is extremely difficult.

With that in mind, I decided to come and help you get better by sharing some Who Can Get 11 cheats and tips – strategy advice on what to do and how to play to get all the way to 11 and grab a super high score in the process as well. So let’s not waste any time and let’s move on to check out below the Who Can Get 11 tips and tricks to get a super score and beat the game!

The first thing that you should do, from the starting moment to the end is to analyze the board. Analyze it after each drop, analyze your options and plan ahead. It’s a bit like playing chess where you have to think a few moves ahead, otherwise you won’t get too far.

Don’t rush to use the special moves. They are extremely expensive and they will come in handy later on in the game when you will really need them. So try to hold on them for as long as possible!

Now when it comes to actual strategy that involves the gameplay, you should do one thing only to win Who Can Get 11: be patient and build up your board. Don’t rush to get to the highest possible number as soon as possible – instead, build up your board slowly, removing the lowest value numbers first and slowly working your way up (this way you also get a way better score).

Get the matches right, start with the 1, then the 2 and work your way up to 5 or 6, then start working again on getting there. This is the only way to do it – keep the big numbers at the bottom (and ideally as close to the corners as possible) and work your tiles down to get a flawless run.

I personally managed to get to 10 on my second attempt and there’s a bit you can learn from this, so check out the video below:

If you have other tips and tricks for Who Can Get 11, let us know by commenting below!


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