Who are the Best Starters in Nexomon: Extinction?

Nexomon: Extinction is a game about catching and taming monsters that closely resemble the Pokémon series. You will go on a journey and will catch Nexomons, train them, and much more. But in the beginning, you only have one Nexomon at your disposal, which you choose. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the best Starter.

The Best Starters in Nexomon: Extinction

In many games, the choice consists of 3-4 possible options, which are already difficult to solve. But Nexomon: Extinction offers the player a choice of 9 starters. Each of them is unique, can evolve into a more powerful version, and greatly affect the game in the initial stages. We bring you several powerful, different Nexomons for different play styles.


The first is Noki. It is a water-type starter with 9 HP, 7 Defense, 9 Attack, and an impressive 19 speed. It will be very useful for you in caves against material types. And on top of that, this is a very cute bird.


The next one is Behilda. Since you start your journey from the area with the most insect-like Nexomons, it will be effective against them due to its psychic abilities. Her stats are balanced, apart from the low defense. We recommend upgrading its protection first of all at the beginning of the game.


Our third option is Mara. In the game, you will very often meet aquatic and electric-type monsters, against which Plant type Mara will be extremely effective. Although in the beginning, she has weak defense and a good attack, in subsequent evolutions her HP indicators will be fantastic.


Next comes Trebly. He is the mineral Nexomon, with the highest health score of any starter.


And the last one is Lume. This is a fire-type Nexomon with an excellent 12 attack and 20 speed. While he is weak against water-types, he will still easily bring you victory in the early stages.

These were the best starters, choose the one you like and enjoy the game.

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