Who Are the Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Streamers in 2022

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Cookie Run Kingdom is an ever-growing and popular RPG involving the cutest Cookie characters you have ever seen. Players collect different Cookies and use them to battle their way through each level, building their Cookie Kingdom, and defeating foes. The exciting gameplay makes for a great stream so there are some very popular streamers across Twitch who gain thousands of followers all over the world- but who are the best? Find out below who has the most followers, and the most watched streams of all time!

The Best Cookie Run Kingdom Streamers of 2022


This streamer is also a Twitch partner and has the most followers of all Cookie Run Kingdom streamers. They stream regularly and gain around 200-300 viewers on average. Check him out here!

twitch screenshot cookie run kingdom
KongKong1232 on Twitch


This streamer is the no.1 most watched Cookie Run Kingdom streamer, racking up over 8000 viewer hours, and is growing his community fast-gaining around 600 followers in a week recently. They also play Cookie Run Ovenbreak so this is a great streamer to watch if you enjoy both games! Follow them here on Twitch.

twitch stream cookie run kingdom
ndlover7 on Twitch


Matty streams a variety of games including Cookie Run Kingdom. With over 700 viewer hours and an average of 2 hours playing Cookie Run, Matty is one to watch!

twitch screenshot cookie run kingdom
Mattythebae on Twitch


1sang streams exclusively Cookie Run Kingdom gameplay with sometimes a break for a ‘just chatting’. Their stream is growing in viewers and runs for an average of a couple of hours. Follow them on Twitch!

twitch stream cookie run kingdom
1sang on Twitch


This Twitch streamer has been growing in popularity and streams semi regularly. As well as streaming Cookie Run Kingdom for around 4 hours, they enjoy a Just Chatting stream. Check out their Twitch stream here.

twitch stream cookie run kingdom
smile_high on Twitch

Let us know in the comments below if you have a favourite Cookie Run Kingdom streamer!

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Who Are the Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Streamers in 2022


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