You are a self-starting programmer who is pretty good at what they do. You know it all: machine learning, data and AI, and more. But there one conundrum that you would have never been prepared for: your cat seems to be just as good as a coder as you are, but there is one problem – he is a cat!

If you could not tell from that description alone, while True: learn() is unique puzzle/simulation game where you play as a coder that is trying to build a program that let’s them understand their cat.

Players will learn real-life coding applications in an attempt to use visual programming to create the world’s first ever cat-to-human speech recognition system. The world will not know of your cat’s technically prowess if it cannot even speak to humans!

The flow of the game actually mimics that of actual data scientists who using machine learning. You will not be very liquid at the start of the game, so you will need to freelance and accept contracts and read emails. Once you start building your own data systems using the game’s built-in visual coding system, then you will start seeing the cash come in.

You can use cash to improve your existing hardware or venture out and purchase new systems altogether. You can even buy some spiffy outfits for your cat, because he has to look good of course!

while True: learn() will launch on the App Store on August 22, 2019, for 4.99 USD.


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