Which Urshifu is Better in Pokemon Sword and Shield? – Answered


Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the classic representations of the Pokemon series. Players must become Pokémon Trainers and explore the Galar region. On your journey, you will meet many different Pokémon, and you will be able to evolve them into stronger ones. And in the Isle of Armor DLC, you’ll have a choice of two evolution forms for Kubfu. In this guide, we will try to answer the question of which of the Urshifu forms is the best.

Which Urshifu is Better

In addition to completing the Pokédex in the Isle of Armor DLC, players will also have to choose one of two paths. The first one is the Tower of Darkness where they can evolve Kubfu into Single Strike Urshifu. And the second path is Tower of Waters where players can evolve Kubfu into Rapid Strike Urshifu. And to be honest, both forms are strong.

Single Strike Urshifu is a Dark and Fight-type Pokémon. It is very effective against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon. However, Single Strike Urshifu x4 is weak to Fairy. And this is his main weakness. On the other hand, its moves are very strong. For example, Wicked Blow and Close Combat have a Base Power of 180. These Moves make Single Strike Urshifu a very dangerous Pokémon.

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Now consider Rapid Strike Urshifu. It is a Water and Fighting-type Pokémon, which means it does not have an x4 weakness. However, in the Galar region, there are many other strong Water-type Pokémon.

Also, when comparing Rapid Strike Urshifu Moves, they are slightly weaker than Single Strike Urshifu. Its Wicked Blow move has 170 Base Power but does a few hits, which is effective against Focus Sash Users.

Well, after looking at the pros and cons of both Urshifu, we can say that they are equal. Therefore, we recommend that you choose Urshifu based on your play style. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Which Urshifu is Better in Pokemon Sword and Shield? – Answered


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