Which Smartphone to Buy for Fortnite in 2022


Every year, the system requirements for Fortnite on Android grow slightly due to improved graphics quality, and it’s really hard to launch the royal battle from Epic Games on iOS at the moment. Consider which smartphone to buy in 2022 for Fortnite if you want to get a comfortable and high-quality picture with a good frame rate. That’s what the best gaming phone is for.

Which Smartphone for Fortnite to Buy In 2022? The Best Gaming Phone

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At the moment, it is recommended to use a device at the ARM64 level in conjunction with Adreno 530 or a more recent graphics accelerator. Suitable ones are Mali G71, G72 and newer. The capacity of RAM is required from 4 GB, which is enough to play the game with comfortn.

The above system requirements for Fortnite from Epic Games on Android will remain relevant for the next year. Railing Unreal Engine 5 has a positive effect on performance. The presented information is quite enough for the selection of the phone. Do you want want specific advice on models? Great, we will give you top gadgets.

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To get 60 FPS without any drops (which is important in a battle royale with an abundance of objects and players on the screen), take OnePlus Nord 2+, 7 Pro+, Samsung Tab S6+, Galaxy S10+, Note 10+, ASUS ROG Phone II+, or Sony Xperia 5+. The newer, the better, but there are no striking differences in terms of speed characteristics.

To get 90 frames per second, look to OnePlus 8+, Samsung Tab S7+, Asus ROG Phone 3+ and others. In the case of countless Chinese handsets, rely on the characteristics. If you wish, you can find testing of video games on different devices on YouTube.

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Which Smartphone to Buy for Fortnite in 2022


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